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Club Membership Options

Apprentice Membership

Apprentice is the best membership for someone who is starting out in network marketing and wants to understand the basics of how to build a profitable MLM business.

The primary focus is to expose you to a better way to build a network marketing business. Most beginners focus completely on selling products and eventually finding others to also sell products. Our goal in the club is to help you shift your mindset (or just get started the right way) to focus on relationships and helping others get what they need which will help you get what you are after. “A rising tide lifts ALL boats” is a great quote to help you understand that principle

If you are at the stage of building a team of business builders, consider a Team Leader membership for only the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a month. Team Leader membership can rock your world! Check it out!

Team Leader Membership

Freedom Builder Membership

The Freedom Builder Membership is designed for the very successful network marketer who has achieved a 6-figure annual income. By this time you have already replaced your JOB income and your have build a team of people. Now you get to learn how to nurture your teams to take YOUR place so you can move up to the next level.

If your end of the month looks like you are spinning plates to earn your bonuses, then it is time to learn how to delegate and get your time back.

In the Freedom Builder Membership level of the MLM Mastery Club you will get the opportunity to network with other Leaders, learn leadership skills, team-building exercises, group training even, online business building, mastermind calls, etc.

This membership option is a yearly or lifetime option. You have already proven your success in your company, so when you are ready to take the next step and train your people to be leaders, the Freedom Builder Membership may be for you.

Legacy Creator Membership

If you are a very successful network marketer who has achieved a 6-figure annual income, you are ready to move beyond day-to-day team building work so you can think outside the box to take your business to stratospheric, or what we call, “Legacy Income.”

Legacy income is beyond freedom building income which you created to set yourself and family free. It is beyond income that lets you buy a new home and car or even fancy boat. This is income that is in the top 1% of the the 1%. You are creating a legacy for your family and beyond.

This level of membership in the MLM Mastery Club is by invitation only. If you feel you qualify, contact Ron Wilder at  ron (@) mlmmasteryclub dot com for an exclusive interview to help you create your legacy.

MLM Mastery Coaching Program Membership

This  four-month group coaching program with personalized strategy sessions and weekly group zoom calls will give you the maximum chances of MLM success. Super-achievers hire coaches to jump-start their careers and/or businesses.  WHY? Because your coach give you guidance and provide accountability to keep you on track.

A coach is different than a mentor. Mentors always cheer you on and tell you that you are doing great. Coaches will be straight with you and expect you to do the work necessary for success.

If you are serious about building your MLM business and want to hire a MLM coach, to take your business to new heights, this personalized, MLM coaching program may be just what you need.