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Congratulations! You are new leader in your MLM company and you might be earning thousands per month. It feels great, doesn’t it? So, it is time to learn things that will take you to the next level and earn 10x that amount.

How? By learning how to nurture your teams to take YOUR place so you can move up: Leadership skills, team-building exercises, group training events, online business building, mastermind calls, etc.

The things you have learned, so far, might have included product or service selling, how to hold one-on-ones or small group classes, time management, figuring out your “WHY”, understanding how to calculate your bonuses, etc. Maybe you have even learned how to talk about your “business opportunity.” But, if your end-of-the-month looks like you are spinning plates to earn your bonuses, then it is time to learn how to get your time back.

Network With Other Leaders 

You need to learn new things and you need to connect with people at your level and above to do this.

That’s where the Master Networker membership comes in. It’s a little more pricy, but that also provides a boundary to limit people who can afford it so you are only surrounded by people at your level or above.

Master Networker members can also join our weekly “ask-me-anything (AMA)” Zoom calls. At least one experienced network marketing leader will conduct the calls and is there to answer any of your questions about network marketing. We will skip questions that are company specific unless the answer could apply to other companies.

Also included is access to all weekly zoom call recordings including the “Planning your Week” and “Ask Me Anything” calls for not only the time you are a Master Networker member but for ALL time, past and present.

Mastermind Zoom Calls

You also get access to weekly Master Networker member mastermind zoom calls with monthly themes like, “Building a People-Centered Business”, “How to Lead, NOT Manage Your Team”, “How to find someone else’s WHY”, and other topics that leaders need to know about to build their teams with builders, not just customers.

Why is this important? Because that is how you tap into the bigger bonuses that your company offers!

You also get access to our annual January “Planning Your Year” mastermind zoom calls which help you get absolute clarity of how to create an AMAZING year in your business.

Tools and Training to Help You Go ONLINE?

We also know that a lot of leaders want their own websites and want to learn how to automate their business communications, so we provide special lessons of how to do that using low-cost and easy-to-set-up tools. We hone it so you don’t have to learn a bunch of junk you don’t need to know about.

But this training isn’t as useful unless you have access to a platform you use it on. So, we will include a free membership to Simple Connector, the CRM for Network Marketers. You can even clone your campaigns so your downline can load it on their Simple Connector accounts.  Duplication, baby!   That’s the secret to building big network marketing teams!

Since we want to keep you legal, we’ll also include the important privacy policy, terms of service, and legal pages you see on the bottoms of all serious websites, these days. The Master Networker membership includes your own account to add these pages to your website at no extra charge — That’s a $288 value, alone! Trust me, this is the type of stuff everyone else seems to forget about, but is very important, these days.

Master Networker Membership Prepares You to Go the NEXT LEVEL

  • Access to ALL Team Builder membership courses and tools so you can keep learning even more
  • Access to ALL “planning-your-week” zoom call recordings, past and present to help you teach YOUR team how to do it.
  • Access to ALL “ask-me-anything” office hour zoom call recordings, past and present to answer all your MLM questions
  • Access to the “Quick Websites and Email automation” course to teach you how to prospect online.
  • A complementary membership to the Simple Connector CRM for Network Marketers to help you automate your business communications
  • A complimentary legal documents license you can use on your own websites
  • Access to Monthly Master Networker members-only zoom training calls on MLM Leadership topics to help you become a true leader of leaders of business builders, not just a hunter of customers. You’ll also get access to the recordings of the meetings held during your membership if you miss a meeting.
  • Access to the ANNUAL Master Networker Member ONLY January “Planning-Your-Year” zoom call to help you strategize how to make the upcoming year your best one ever!
  • 25% registration discount to all MLM Mastery Club destination events for a little R&R and chance to network with other members of the club. (These events will keep you happy and informed!)
  • Other platinum member only benefits you’ll find out about inside.

The Master Networker membership isn’t for everyone. It is for you if you are a are ready to become a network marketing leader wanting to help to take your business to the next level so you can tap into the bigger bonuses your company offers. There is NO Guarantee you will make more, unless you take part and implement the things you’ll learn. But, I guarantee if you work hard and smart you will learn so much you’ll be happy where you go.

The cost is $649/year, click here. There is no monthly option here because it makes no sense to do this for a month or two.

Master Networker Membership has its privileges. Hope to see you inside, if you’re ready!


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