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The Partner Business Building Tips Quick Course will give you some guidance of things to think about if you want to build your network marketing business with your life partner.

Isn’t it time you started working TOGETHER to build your business more effectively?

This may be the perfect quick course for you and your sweetheart!

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Liz Wilder

Liz Wilder is the author of “You are the Crucial Partner” book and course. She enjoys helping partners build their biz faster in a harmonious way.


Building an MLM business with your significant other can be a fun adventure but also presents challenges.

Unfortunately, most couples don’t think about the challenges when they make the decision to build their business together. Wishful thinking gets in the way of rational thought and this can lead to expectations that are different for each partner.

The Partner Business Building Tips quick course provides some powerful tips you can use with your partner to make the journey more pleasurable… and profitable. Note that some of this advice is for the primary builder as well as the support partner.

Course topics include:

  • How to treasure working together as a team
  • How to receive excellent support from your spouse
  • How to indulge in a  more harmonious relationship
  • How to honor your spouse’s journey
  • What things can get in the way of success
  • Why you can be successful if you do it the right way

This may be the perfect quick course for you AND/OR your partner!  After you master this course, you will be ready to take Liz’s “The Crucial Partner” Pro-level course to dive deeper into working with your crucial partner.

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