MLM Finance and Taxes

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147 Credits

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Richard Brough


The Network Marketing Finance and Tax course will help you figure out the MONEY side of your home-based network marketing business.

When you started out, the structure of your business was simple: A sole proprietorship. As your business grows, though, you will hit a point where the government is taking out more than you want. You’ll need to consider re-structuring your business to keep more of your hard-earned dollars and protect you from all the other people who will want a piece of what you bring in.

Mr. Richard Brough is an IRS Tax expert who specializes in helping people who own home-based businesses to save as much as they can legally, while increasing their wealth. Mr. Brough is a Certified Tax Auditor and founder of HomeBusinessTaxServices and is here to help YOU figure it all out!

Topics of the Network Marketing Finance and Tax course include:

  • What should your business structure look like? (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship, etc.)
  • How do you track your income and expenses?
  • What software should I use to manage my finances?
  • What qualifies as expenses?
  • How do I file taxes for my network marketing business
  • and so much more

Get control of your business finances and keep more of your money, legally. Take the course and sleep better!


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