Follow-up Mastery Course (Real Estate)

From Customers to Builders

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Joe’s Follow-up Mastery course will help you succeed in follow-up without really trying.

  1. The Real Estate/Loan Agent Mindset
  2. The Science of Follow Up (MREA Lead Generation Model)
  3. Result Oriented Campaigns
  4. Technology At Your Services
  5. Foolproof Implementation


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Joseph Lam

Joe Lam, CRS, MBA loves to help Realtors and loan agents achieve business success. He’s a best selling author and instructor.


Joe’s Follow-up Mastery course will help you succeed in follow-up without really trying.

Knowledge and skills you will learn include:

The Real Estate/Loan Agent Mindset

  • Identify Your Ideal Customers
  • Calculate Your Life Time Customer Value
  • Understand Your Marketing Dollar and Your ROI—Rate of Return

The Science of Follow Up (MREA Lead Generation Model)

  • All about math: (8×8 touches, 12 touches, 33 touches)

Result Oriented Campaigns

  • Closing Gifts/Follow UP
  • Customer Nurturing/Follow Up Sequence (Future businesses/referral businesses)

Technology At Your Services

  • (Use a platform that provides the automation service (at a reasonable cost)
  • MBP—Mailbox Power (Direct Mail Marketing System)
  • Homebot—Online Follow Up System
  • ‘Set It And Forget It’ implementation (Using Automation)

Foolproof Implementation

  • DFY—Done For You—Have someone do it for you—delegation
  • Automation—The system does it for you (Once you set it up—‘set it and forget it’.)
  • MBP—direct mail system, no ‘do not call list violation’ (See me to sign-up—With bonuses follow)
  • Homebot—Online follow up and engagement system (see your friendly lender to sign up)

You’ll also get the following bonuses:

Bonus-1: DFY—My Team Will Create The Campaigns For You in MBP (When register with me)

Bonus-2: Provide you 100+ leads (With Name & Address of your ideal customers, when register with me)

  • (Based on Your Selection—by Zip Code and/or Demographic Information,
  • such as age group, income level, assets, owner/renter and credit score etc.)

Finally, you’ll get some Call-to-Action bonuses:

  • Killer Scripts: What to do/say before your follow up call!
  • What to say when you do call? (The F.O.R.D. Call Method)
  • How to ask for help (asking for business without really asking…)

If you are a Real Estate network marketer you will want to access this valuable information!

Buy Joe’s Follow-up Mastery course to help jump-start your business.


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