Get Clear on Your WHY

Your WHY is Your Business Fuel

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Getting Clear about WHY you are building your network marketing business is critically important because it determines the time, energy, and resources you will invest in your business.

A powerful, personal WHY will motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and get busy building. Your strong WHY will cause you to jump out of bed in the morning with a fire in your belly to get things done that normally would get put off to another day or time.

Do you want to build a profitable network marketing business?  WHY?

This Get Clear On Your WHY quick course will show you a simple process to FINALLY figure out YOUR (and your team’s) WHYs.


Product Creator

Ron Wilder

One of Ron’s superpowers is helping people figure out WHY they want (and need) to build their business. It’s time to know your WHY!


You’ve heard it a million times: “Ya gotta know your WHY!” And every motivational speaker, network marketing guru, and company leader says it.

But, almost all of them fall short of showing you how to figure our YOUR why.  Why is that? Simple. Most of them don’t know how to do it.  Why’s are very personal AND ARE ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS TO FIGURE OUT.

I remember talking to my upline when I was a newby network marketer. I was showing some early success so they asked how they could help me build my business.

My response was simple. I was building my business, but I didn’t have a clear WHY. Could they once and for all help me figure it out so I could build even faster.

I waited for their answer…  and I’m still waiting today.

It became one of my personal quests: How do you figure out your WHY?  The reason was simple. Because I KNEW it was important and it was something I would have to show others how to do it so my team members would know WHY they should build their business.

It took me years to finally figure it out but I finally did.

Many leaders have you dreaming about amazing homes overlooking the pacific coast, or an island paradise, or drop-kicking your job, or creating an animal sanctuary, or… ________ fill in the blank with your incredible dream. Although these are great things to put on a vision board, the truth is they won’t get you our of bed EVERY DAY with fire in your pants to build your business.

WHY? Because they’re too big and too far away from your life… today… as you think about having to clean up your home for another product demo party… or make that follow-up call to the person you prospected 4 days ago.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I figured out how to do it. And the solution is very straight forward and I’ll show you how to FINALLY figure out your why.

The even better news is that you can use a slightly modified approach to help your team members figure out THEIR whys too. And that’s the GOLD! Because when your team members know their WHYs, your business will accelerate faster than anything you could do by yourself. That’s duplication… and that’s the secret of network marketing business success.

In this quick course, you’ll learn:

  1. Simple steps you can go through to nail your WHY on paper
  2. How to figure out if your current WHY meets the criteria (hint: it probably doesn’t)
  3. How to get crystal clear about something that will truly motivate you
  4. How to know if you are tracking against the timeline of your WHY
  5. How to get other’s buy-in on your WHY
  6. How to figure out if your WHY is reasonable. (Do you really believe it?)
  7. How to set a date when your WHY will become reality
  8. How to make sure your WHY ties into your business goals
  9. BONUS: How to guide your team members to figure out their WHYs

I know many Diamond and above leaders who are still searching for their WHYs! So don’t feel bad that you are not clear on yours. By the way, if you have reached higher levels in your business, did you know it’s time to come up with a NEW WHY?

I have taught hundreds of people how to figure out their WHY

Knowing your WHY is so important that I taught it in my training course on week #1. I even taught it before I mentioned any prospecting techniques.

And everyone who went through the exercise got a lot more serious about their business because they had clarity on why they were building their biz.

Take this quick course to Get Clear on your WHY so you can hyper-accelerate your business to the next level NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL YOU ARE CURRENTLY AT.

It is priced very low because I know how important it is.

What have you got to lose? Using a simple, duplicable approach, you can figure out your (and your team member’s) WHY in a short time.

Imagine how much faster your business can build if your team members were highly motivated for their own reasons!

If your business grew fast but you’re now stagnating, it’s probably your WHY (or lack thereof) that’s getting in the way. Hmmm…