Doterra Monthly Apprentice Membership

Essential MLM Basics

9 USD / month

9 USD / month

The dōTERRA  Apprentice membership level provides you with many helpful benefits for Wellness Advocates if you are new to network marketing and haven’t reached a consistent $1000/month income level from their dōTERRA business.

This yearly entry-level membership provides you with essential wisdom and community support to help you if you are a new Wellness Advocate. You can more effectively start making more than just hobby income from your business by using the club resources for about a cup of fancy coffee once a month!

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MLM Mastery Club

The MLM Mastery Club exists to help Wellness Advocates who focus on selling products to become powerful network team builders.


The MLM Mastery Club is a comprehensive online training and support community specifically developed for network marketers to help them achieve financial success.

As a member of this unique club, you will gain access to valuable community support, training materials, and other resources, all focused on helping you grow your dōTERRA business.

Benefits of the dōTERRA Apprentice membership level: 

  • Connections with other Wellness Advocates to socialize and learn as you all grow your essential oil businesses, together
  • Access to free exclusive dōTERRA-focused business-building courses and tools to help you more effectively build your business
  • Access to paid advanced courses to guide you to the next level in your business
  • A private dōTERRA Facebook-like community where you can freely provide information about products, share business success tips and testimonials, and discuss product information with other Wellness Advocates
  • Connect with experienced Wellness Advocates who can offer business guidance and advice to help you become successful in your dōTERRA business
  • Through participation in the Club, earn points you can trade for other valuable site content to help achieve both personal and business growth
  • Ability to upgrade your membership as your business needs grow

For the price of a fancy cup of coffee once a month, you can learn how to build your dōTERRA biz much more effectively!