doTERRA LIFETIME Legacy Creator Membership

Create a Family Legacy

15,000 USD

15,000 USD

If you are a very successful network marketer who has achieved a 6-figure annual income, you are ready to move beyond day-to-day team building work so you can think outside the box to take your business to stratospheric, or what we call, “Legacy Income.”

Legacy income is beyond freedom building income which you created to set yourself and family free. It is beyond income that lets you buy a new home and car or even fancy boat. This is income that is in the top 1% of the the 1%. You are creating a legacy for your family and beyond.

This LIFETIME doTERRA Legacy Creator Membership will something you can use to connect with the highest levels of Wellness Advocates and master network marketers around the world — forever! See if you are one of the few qualified to join us.

This exclusive membership is by invitation only for select Freedom Builder Members who have achieved the Diamond level or above.

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MLM Mastery Club

The MLM Mastery Club exists to help network marketers shift from product sellers to powerful network team builders.


If you are a very successful network marketer who has achieved a 6-figure annual income, you are ready to move beyond day-to-day team building work so you can think outside the box to take your business to stratospheric, or what we call, “Legacy Income.”

Legacy income is beyond freedom building income which you created to set yourself and family free. It is beyond income that lets you buy a new home and car or even fancy boat. This is income that is in the top 1% of the the 1%. You are creating a legacy for your family and beyond.

This is great! But it is not without new challenges… Like how to you protect your cash flow from disappearing because of dumb business decisions like your business entity type, or proper tax handling, or trusts, or crypto, etc. You need knowledge that you will only get from experts whom you can trust… and other network marketers who have achieved this level of income who will share their wisdom that has kept them safe — along with how to avoid the not-so-smart things they did on their journeys.

Only Freedom Builder Members Can Apply and Must be Approved

We have created the Legacy Creator Membership just for Freedom Builder Members and a few top-level master network marketing leaders to take your business into the stratosphere. It is not available to Apprentice and Team Leader memberships because, well, they would just slow you down.

The Legacy Creator Membership is unique because it is more of a mastermind in the way it operates. Monthly topics of discussion cover areas that lower-level distributors don’t have to even think about. Legacy Creator Members focus on things like creating your own training environments and platforms, motivation of entire teams, money management, crypto currency secrets, business structure, tax strategies, team websites, etc.

There is a lot of noise out there in network marketing land about how to build your business, but not much results-based information about what to do when you have reached the pinnacles of your business. We bring in experts to help you learn these higher-level secrets of legacy-building success.

Captains of a cruise ships don’t concern themselves with the day-to-day hiring of cooks, servers, and baggage handlers — They hire managers to do that.

Likewise, Legacy Creator Members don’t sign everyone they meet on their network marketing front-line. It takes too much personal time and commitment to do so on a one-by-one basis. Legacy Creator Members focus on guiding others to take on that role while steering their business ship. Mastering your business requires special skills, training, and the wisdom of the network marketing masters. Think of the Legacy Creator Membership as a fast-track to learn all of those things that are taught in many other multi-thousand dollar courses or through the school of hard knocks. This will save you time!

Network With Other Legacy Creator Members

One of the coolest benefits of the Legacy Creator Membership is that you will connect with other people at your level outside of your company so you can get the non-sugar-coated versions of what to do. Often, we have to drink so much company Kool-Aid that getting outside of the company environment provides a much-needed injection of reality.

Consider that all other Legacy Creator Members also understand that helping others is the key to their success, and this includes helping fellow Legacy Creator Members. After all, they are NOT your competition. Rather, they are like a mastermind of fellow CEOs who can share their wisdom with you — and save you the time and heartburn of learning it by yourself. Wouldn’t you be open to helping other Legacy Creator Members achieve greatness while you are doing the same? — If not, you’re probably not a good fit for this premier membership… just sayin’.

So, What Do You Get?

Legacy Creator Members can join our weekly “ask-me-anything (AMA)” Zoom calls. At least one experienced master network marketer will conduct the calls and is there to answer any of your questions. We will skip questions that are company specific unless the answer could apply to other companies.

We bring in experts and perhaps even other inner circle members to cover new topics every month.  And, we will record the Zoom calls so you can view them if you can’t attend the calls while they are live.  (You can always post your questions that will be answered during the calls.)

Also included is access to all Team Leader and Freedom Builder weekly zoom call recordings including the “Planning your Week” and “Ask Me Anything” calls for not only the time you are a Freedom Builder member but for ALL time, past and present.

Mastermind Zoom Calls

You also get access to Legacy Creator mastermind zoom calls with monthly themes like, “Building a People-Centered Business”, “How to Lead, NOT Manage Your Team”, “How to Find Someone Else’s WHY”, and other topics that leaders need to know about to build their teams with builders, not just customers.

Why is this important? Because your team needs this information so they can tap into the bigger company bonuses your company offers.

January 1-on-1 Strategy Call

You also get a one-on-one January “Planning Your Year” mastermind zoom calls to help you get absolute clarity of how to create an AMAZING year in your business.

Access ALL MLM Mastery Club Membership Content

Don’t worry, you’ll also have access to all the materials of the Apprentice, Team Leader, and Freedom Builder memberships because you’ll want to tap into that content when mentoring and coaching team leaders and their downline. This is gold you can mine so you will be able to answer the business and relationship building questions that your team puts to you.

Tools and Training to Help You Go ONLINE

We also know that a lot of leaders want their own websites and want to learn how to automate their business communications, so we provide special lessons of how to do that using low-cost and easy-to-set-up tools. We hone it so you don’t have to learn a bunch of junk you don’t need to know about.

But this training isn’t as useful unless you have access to a platform you use it on. So, we will include a free membership to Simple Connector, the CRM for Network Marketers. You can even clone your campaigns so your downline can load it on their Simple Connector accounts — Duplication, baby! That’s the secret to building big network marketing teams! (And the low long-term pricing will blow you away — even newbies can afford it, so they can duplicate you!)

Since we want to keep you legal, we’ll also include the important privacy policy, terms of service, and legal pages you see on the bottoms of all serious websites, these days. The Legacy Creator Membership includes your own account to add these legal pages to your website at no extra charge — That’s a $288/yr value, alone. And you get it for life! Trust me, this is the type of stuff everyone else seems to forget about, but is very important.

The doTERRA Legacy Creator Membership Lets You Run With the Superstars

  • Lifetime Network with other Legacy Creator Members to gain their wisdom and develop lifelong friendships — people who can afford to play with you!
  • Lifetime Coaching from network marketing experts, we will bring in to spark new ideas on how to up-level your business
  • Lifetime access to ALL Apprentice, Team Leader, and Freedom Builder membership courses and tools so you can access content to help your team
  • Lifetime access to ALL “planning-your-week” Zoom call recordings, past and present, to help you teach YOUR team how to do it
  • Lifetime access to ALL “ask-me-anything” office hour Zoom call recordings, past and present, to answer all your MLM questions
  • Lifetime access to the “Quick Websites and Email automation” course to teach you how to prospect online
  • A complementary 1 year membership to the Simple Connector CRM for Network Marketers to help you automate your business communications and create a simple but duplicable tool your downline can use to build their businesses
  • Lifetime website legal documents license you can use on your own websites
  • Lifetime access to Monthly Freedom Builder members-only Zoom training calls on MLM Leadership topics to help you train your leaders of business builders instead of just customer hunters. You’ll also get access to the recordings of the meetings held during your membership if you miss a meeting.
  • Lifetime access to the ANNUAL Legacy Creator 1-on-1 January “Planning-Your-Year” zoom call to help you strategize how to make the upcoming year your best one ever.
  • Lifetime Free registration to all MLM Mastery Club destination travel events for a little R&R and a chance to network with other members of the club. These events will keep you happy and informed — and they’re a write-off!
  • Other Legacy Creator Memberonly benefits you’ll find out about when you join.

The doTERRA Lifetime Legacy Creator Membership isn’t for everyone. It is for you if you are a network marketing leader wanting to help to take your business to the next level so you can tap into the mega-bonuses your company offers and learn about how to run your empire so you don’t lose it all like so many do. It should go without saying, there is NO Guarantee you will become a superstar, but by now, you already know that it takes hard, smart work and guidance of expert coaches to give you that one missing thing that will transform your life into a legacy for generations to come.

The cost is a single $15,000 payment and we will offer a few members this life-time option. Reach out to us to see if this option is still available.

Legacy Creator Membership is like nothing else out there. See if you qualify to join us.