doTERRA LIFETIME Freedom Builder Membership

Replace Your J.O.B. Income

1,497 USD

1,497 USD

The dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder membership isn’t for everyone. This is a very advanced membership reserved only for Wellness Advocates who have reached dōTERRA Silver and are ready to work hard for Diamond.

You will learn new things, develop new skills, and start using powerful new tools to help you better develop your network. You also get to connect with people at your level and above to do this because nobody goes Diamond by themself. Going Diamond is a team effort and the more help you can get, the better.

That’s where the dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder membership comes in. The skills, tools, knowledge, and community you’ll get are invaluable and you commit a year to your business to take you to the next level. Here in the MLM Mastery Club, you will be with Wellness Advocates at your level and above all striving to achieve business success together.

NOTE: To access the dōTERRA Freedom Builder membership, you MUST show proof of Silver rank or above.

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Product Creator

MLM Mastery Club

The MLM Mastery Club exists to help network marketers shift from product sellers to powerful network team builders.


Reaching Diamond can provide both financial freedom and massive confidence in your abilities to help you, your family, and team. You’ll be able to help change the lives of everyone on your team who wants to succeed as Wellness Advocates as you coach them to leadership in their own leadership roles.

That’s where the dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder membership comes in. The skills, tools, knowledge, and community you’ll get are invaluable and you commit a year to your business to take you to the next level. Here in the MLM Mastery Club, you will be with Wellness Advocates at your level and above all striving to achieve business success together.

Benefits of the dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder membership level include all the Apprentice and Team Leader membership benefits, plus the Freedom Builder benefits.

 Included Apprentice and Team Leader Benefits

  • Connections with other Wellness Advocates to socialize and learn as you all grow your essential oil businesses, together
  • Access to free exclusive dōTERRA-focused business-building courses and tools to help you more effectively build your business
  • Access to paid advanced courses to guide you to the next level in your business
  • A private dōTERRA Facebook-like community where you can freely provide information about products, share business success tips and testimonials, and discuss product information with other Wellness Advocates
  • Connect with experienced Wellness Advocates who can offer business guidance and advice to help you become successful in your dōTERRA business
  • Special club-sponsored events such as Q&A Sessions, webinars and more to help you grow your business
  • Through participation in the Club, earn points you can trade for other valuable site content to help achieve both personal and business growth
  • Ability to upgrade your membership as your business needs grow
  • Weekly LIVE Planning-Your-Week Zoom Group Coaching calls. Take part in these 30-minute calls to help organize your week
  • Access the recordings of the Planning-Your-Week Zoom calls if you can’t attend live
  • LIVE Office Hour Group Coaching Zoom Calls where you can ask a Diamond leader any business-related questions
  • Lifetime access to all prior Zoom recordings

dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive dōTERRA Freedom Builder Community

This is where you can talk with others at your level of business. Only dōTERRA Freedom Builder members can access this area and you can start discussion topics on anything from how to motivate team Wellness Advocates, to how to protect and invest new money you are earning from other Freedom Builder members and any other topic related to your advanced leadership level.

  • Exclusive dōTERRA Freedom Builder Mastermind Zoom Calls with topics for leaders.

Inside the Club we have exclusive mastermind calls only for dōTERRA Freedom Builder members. These have themes like: “Building a People-Centered Business”, “How to Lead, NOT Manage Your Team”, “How to Find Someone Else’s WHY”, and other topics that leaders need to know about building their teams with builders, not just customers.

  • Three 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Strategy Zoom Calls with Ron per year.

As you build your business, you probably spend a lot of time helping others plan and build their businesses, but often, you don’t receive personal planning help on YOUR business without your upline’s agenda to help them with their business. We’ve seen how upline biases have often hurt downline businesses and this is a sad situation. Most Wellness Advocates spend most of their time working IN their businesses, spending most of their hours just making sure that orders are in, and motivating their team, etc.

During these 1-on-1 strategy calls, you will focus on working on your business to discover and set bigger goals. One of Ron’s top 5 strengths is “strategy.” He has helped Wellness Advocates, who did not know how to get to Diamond to achieve that goal in weeks! Since there is no hidden agenda to help Ron’s personal dōTERRA business, you’ll get unbiased guidance for your business.

This personal one-on-one coaching is exclusive to the Freedom Builder membership.

  • Free access to all MLM Mastery club workshops. Normally, these deep-dive workshops have a price range of $97 to $297, but Freedom Builder members can access all of them for FREE!
  • Free Access to Simple Connector. Simple Connector is the CRM for Network Marketers and is in the final stages of testing. This easy-to-use tool will help you automate your communication with both team members and prospects alike. Easily duplicate your campaigns to give to your teams so they can also use this powerful tool to help them build their businesses.
  • Free legal pages. Many dōTERRA leaders want a website for their online presence. We give you legal pages for the important privacy page, terms of service and legal disclaimers for your website to keep you legally compliant with your online presence. We also help you add them to your own website.

There is no monthly option to this membership because you really need to be immersed for a year to maximize the benefits.

If you are Silver or above and your goal is to reach Diamond, enroll in the dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder today to get the support you need to have your best year in dōTERRA yet!

(NOTE: You MUST show proof of Silver rank or above to purchase the dōTERRA Freedom Builder membership.)

dōTERRA Lifetime Freedom Builder Bonuses:

  • FREE 60 Days to Silver course (1 member only for yourself or a team member) ($697 value)
  • 60 Days to Silver course discounted pricing for your team members ($300 off for each team member)
  • Gift 4 Yearly (1 year) Team Leader Memberships to anyone on your team to help them reach Silver ($800 value)
  • 2 Free 60-day Apprentice level membership for team members ($20 value)
  • Free “Tips to Go Silver Fast” training ($97 value)
  • 3 Personal coaching Calls yearly