YOU are the Crucial Partner

Step-Up to Build Together!

97 Credits

97 Credits


Can You Relate?

  1. Do you struggle to find the answer when someone asks you why you want to help your partner?
  2. Do you have major personal issues you want to manage?
  3. Could you use simple and proven ways to become an effective support for your spouse’s business?
  4. Do you want to know how to make the best and highest use of your valuable time?
  5. Do you want to know how to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse or partner while building the business together?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then this course is for YOU!


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Product Creator

Liz Wilder

Liz Wilder is the author of “You are the Crucial Partner” book and course. She enjoys helping partners build their biz faster in a harmonious way.


LESSON 1: When you realized your relevant WHY and your reasons to help build business with your spouse, you’ll be inspired to navigate through the HOW and the WHAT of fulfilling your WHY.

LESSON 2 will help you identify your own dominant social style. You can handle others’ social styles and develop a harmonious business relationship with your associates & leaders.

LESSON 3 will assist you how to manage your major personal issues (MPI), also called “barriers.” I urge you to take this matter seriously.

LESSON 4 will guide you to discover your excellent and natural genius. Use your natural genius to get the highest and best use of your valuable time. Are you curious yet?

LESSON 5 discusses supporting roles which includes activities, responsibilities, tips, and techniques to assist you to navigate the intricacies of MLM business. Increase your MLM knowledge and skill. Become the “wind beneath the wings!” in the business!

LESSON 6 is a reminder of how important it is to respect each other’s boundaries. You decide when to step-in or when to hold back.
One more question, would it be awesome and encouraging when your lead spouse or lead partner go through this course also? Absolutely yes!
Let’s begin!

LESSON 7 is entitled “The Journey’s Wisdom”  and gives you several relationship principles you can use to sail your married “boat” smoothly while doing the business together. Like applying courage and grit to smoothen your differences.