Why Be On the Map?

1. The MLM Mastery CLUB is both a learning and social community.

2. We find that connecting to others on the journey will help everyone for many reasons... accountability, positive energy, support when it gets tough, etc.

3. If you locate yourself on the map, then others in your area can connect with you for local events and support.

4. Our map algorithm will automatically add a random offset to your actual location so you don't have to worry about somebody coming up to your door.

You can update your map location at any time. So, if you are nervous about setting your location, just pick your city. It doesn't have to be perfect now!

Almost Done...

Time to Put Yourself On the Map!

How to Set Your Map Location

1. Click the orange “Select my Country” button to zoom into your current location. 

2. Zooming in on your location:

You can then drag the pointer to where you want to use as your location on the world map and you can click and drag the map to re-center the pointer.

You can use the zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) buttons or mouse scroll wheel to see more detail. 

If you move the map to put the pointer in the center of the screen, you will be able to find the pointer later. Keep dragging the map and zooming in until you see enough detail to place the pointer where you want.

3. REMEMBER, the system won’t show your exact location on the map. We automatically create a random offset so people can’t come directly to your house!

If you don’t want to use your current location, please select an area within your city.

You can change your location and privacy later — see profile settings

If the map isn’t working right, make sure to look on your screen for a message to allow location access. This is just for this page. We won’t be visiting you. 🙂