Office Hours: Oct 26, 2018 – Friday Morning


October 26, 2018 Friday

00:28: Tiffany: Can I move forward in my classes if I don’t do the homework for the week?

00:40: Ron: Do the HW during the week. Don’t wait until the next week to do the HW for the previous week. Each week builds on itself.

02:55: Tiffany: How do I do the WOW on strangers?

03:10: Ron: People like to help people. Ask a stranger if they would do you a favor and ask if they would tell you which oil they like better. You are starting a conversation.

06:55: Melissa: How do you start the WOW with a perfect stranger?

06:57: Ron: Look for something that people can help you with. Then tell them that you want to reward them with a WOW experience. Notice things about people and compliment them. When people ask you what you do, show them with a WOW instead.

13:30: Melissa: After you blow someone’s mind with a WOW then what do you do?

13:50: Ron: The WOW naturally sets them up for an Aroma Touch since the WOW uses half of the AT oils.

15:23: Tiffany: Is it absolutely necessary to have a case of many oils?

15:50: Ron: No, it is useful when you offer them a sample of the oils.

23:30: Ron: Car story of social styles to help visualize how each of the social styles will react under a situation.

30:05: Michelle: How do transition from after an AT to signing them up?

30:42: Ron: Week Two is all about AT prospecting.

38:36: Kymberlee: Learn how to craft your story. Your story is very powerful. I enrolled many people with my story. Craft your story in a way that applies to the people who are listening, that meet their needs and the pieces of your story that will help them.

41:14: Ron: Stories connect people. Everyone has a story. Learn how to tell your story scientifically.