Office Hours: Oct 19, 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Oct 19, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018

07:54: Liz: I am going to post on the Wall what I do before taking the quiz.

9:43: Ron: The quizzes are totally open book.

12:15: Liz: If you make a binder of your 60 DTS notes, you will have a handy resource to help in you in teaching your downline.

12:45: Ron: I was intending to have a final exam for 60 DTS.

17:36: Nicole: What is the column for badges?

18:05: Ron: The badges are supposed to be the as you accomplish certain things you get is a badge. But it is inconsistent.

24:50: Carrie: Do you have a weekly planner that you recommend?

25:09: Nicole: Shows “The doPlanner”.

27:24: Liz: Shows “The Passion Planner”. Good for personal and professional journals.

29:09: Ron: Whatever journal you have, get into the habit of using it. Getting used to planning your week will separate you from all of the rest.

30:31: Ron: You will learn stuff here that will change your life.

32:00: Ron: When you become an entrepreneur, you have to change your habits.

35:50: Ron: Be smart. Learn how to manage your money, how to set goals, plan your work and work your plan and then receive your rewards. This will pay off in spades.

37:15: Carrie: I printed off: The Top 10 Reasons Why doTERRA is the Best Company.

39:10: Ron: Tell prospects that there are 4 things about a MLM business that have to be perfect. doTERRA has all of the 4 things. Make the PDF into a point sheet.

43:05: Carrie: My planner is messy.

46:00: Ron: I made this course a weekly drop-in course because Oracles will gorge learn.

47:57: Ron: You have to be careful where you put your time. You don’t need a website unless you are building your business online. You can have a lead capture page. But a website is a huge commitment. Each page must have a specific purpose. You must make sure that a website is the best use of your time if you are going to have a website.