Office Hours: May 9, 2019 – Thursday


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, May 9, 2019 

Office hour call - discussion around internet autoresponders, CRM software, week 6 WHY, celebrating successes, etc.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

00:42: Ron: I am working on an app for 60 Days to Silver.

1:26: Jenn: I didn’t like the call about the CRM (Contact Relationship Manager).

9:27: Ron: The CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) product now that would be about $10.00/month. This keeps you organized. Trello is too technical for most people. It has to be duplicable or it doesn’t work. Oracles can deal with Trello. This will be more simple than Active Campaign. This will automate contacts. It is a funnel. It will also support broadcasts. The more you can automate the more you will be efficient.  Your downline can take what you send and customize it for themselves. I never used it for cold prospecting, but it is great for warm prospects and it is great for follow up.

You will be able to add your prospect: name, phone and e-mail. You will be able to make your own campaign and group with any notes. They will get an instant e-mail and you will be able to use it as you are out and about.

32:35: Andrea: After you do the Aroma Touch what do you say to them? I am not getting them to see the value of the AT.

33:37: Ron: Listen to Week 2 again. When you do the Show and Smell you are not only getting into their health concerns and those of their family and friends but you are also getting to know them, their lifestyle and if they would to change anything in their lives and you are seeing if you like them. Would they like to make 2019 better than 2018? Do you dream? Have the life conversation with the people. Have the dream building conversation with the people. Then the topic of your business can come up. Tell them about the 7 Gates. Speak from confidence. Tell them that you are on a plan to do whatever, what you are working towards. Turn the AT into dream building. Use your book and app to talk about their health issues. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Tell them that you are looking for some help.

38:45: Vivian: I am traveling, and I have been doing WOWs. I have some people to follow up with and my confidence is boosted. I stepped out my comfort zone and got positive feedback from the WOWs.

44:47: Vivian: In Week 6 - do I figure out someone else’s “Why”?

45:02: Ron: When you can get their “Why” then you will know why they will be a good business builder. You need to know the “Why” of everyone in your downline. When you find out their “Why” you will be able to wake them up. You got to get them making money early or else they will quit.

47:08: Ron: The 7 Gates are all about finding business builders not oil buyers.

49:49: Liz: I believe in celebrations and celebrate every week and every accomplishment. Celebrate finishing each week of 60 Days do Silver. Celebrate what you learned. Your celebrating doesn’t have to be expensive. Do you nails, do nothing for a few minutes, go for a walk, etc. Be aware of what you are celebrating. Celebrating builds confidence.


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