Office Hours: May 6, 2019 – Monday


Office Hours Call Notes - Monday, May 6, 2019 

The call was supposed to be a weekly planning call, but ended up as an office hour call.

00:24: Michelle: I listened to the book Go for No.

1:22: Ron: Stop saying “I am uncomfortable”. Say, “I am getting more comfortable every single day”. One of my leaders said that she committed to do two WOWs this day. I called her and asked if she got her two contacts. She only got one. I asked her if she was committed. I told her to get out and get another connection. So she got dressed and went to the grocery store and met someone who became one of her leaders. It is a numbers game. You got to be consistent and go for the No’s and keep going.

One of my leaders showed me her sheet. I saw a lot of activity and contacts. She had a “S” on all the starts. “S” stood for sampled. All the people were sampled. We do build. The mission is to get them to a stage of activity. What is the goal for that prospect to get to?

If you start from a point of just activities, then it is a job. If you just focus on results, then you are being an entrepreneur. The job never changes, it is always the same. If you focus on results are what matters if you want to change your life and want to change the lives of prospects lives. If you just want to be busy, then focus on activities.

That is what the planning sheet is all about. The biggest mistake is that people fill it out too quickly. You must get clear on what results will get you where you want to go.

14:50: Hope: Activities are not results. My focus is shifting to focusing on results.

16:06: Ron: Results are the constant. Activities are the variable. If you get the results you want, then you don’t have to as many activities. You have to be tracking.

16:27: Hope: The list: Victim versus Accountable.  (from the book The One Thing). It helps me to be accountable to myself for my thoughts.

18:10: Ron: It is important not be a victim. Rather be accountable and take responsibly for your success and your failures.

18:32: Hope: We have to change the default thing. I do have control over it all. If she did not call me back, I get to find another “she” and work toward something that does work.

19:07: Ron: Get more effective. Your goal is not another customer but another builder. You get to use the language to attract builders. If you are going to build a business, there is only three options. Once they pick a kit they will wonder how to pay for it. The language is how to help them. Health issues are caused by stress, stress is caused by financial problems. When they get money their stress level goes down. Start at the top and fix it.

22:09: Hope: The doTERRA culture is sample and share. We think about it as a store front business.

22:39: Ron: We don’t do Live, Share, Build here. That is product sales. Product sales is turning one job for another. Jobs are all about activities.

24:12: Michelle: I don’t want to get someone to spend a lot of money and they not getting the money back.

24:58: Ron: Find out what they really want. They want to make money so that they can do what they want. What do you want to do for fun? Find out how much money it will take to make their dreams happen. Think lifestyle. What would be the most effective way to get there? You know the way to get there.  If students want something they will go after it. You get to figure out what they really want. Never prejudge what people can afford.

31:03: Kristine: No matter what investment they make, they will still have the knowledge you teach and the value of the product. Ask students if they would like to go into business with their family member or their friends.

32:45: Hope: I have to consciously have to change how I think and what I say. I listened to the book Exactly What to Say and it talks about psychology of what we say and the way we say things

34:31: Ron: Book: Never Split the Difference on negotiating skills. How to get what you want. We have to temper this with what they want. You know what they need but they are afraid to make the jump. It is important to have good negotiating skills.


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