Office Hours: May 3, 2019 – Friday


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, May 3, 2019 

We started the call with talking about how to dress for events...  and it went on from there!

00:08: Ron: How do you dress up when presenting your oils? I would dress in a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. You can dress down a bit. In Amway I had to wear and suit and tie. I had to dress as a business person. You were not authentically you. I don’t have to do that for doTERRA.

03:32: Carrie: If you feel more confident with your dress, your makeup, etc., then you have to dress up. It is about you and how it makes you feel.

8:01: Hope: I am listening to a book that helps you to say the right words in order to put things into their head. The book is Exactly What to Say by Phil Jones.

15:48: Carrie: Those questions seem to be uncomfortable at first, but I tell people confidently that I have qualifications for someone to work with me in this business. I say it confidently and they were okay with it. If you speak correctly with them, they will give you the time. If they are being busy ask to reschedule.

17:15: Ron: You got to be able to talk to a warrior in their social style.

17:44: Ron: The WOW makes you the expert and that creates confidence for you.

18:00: Hope:  EOs effect the brain that they are having emotions and brains experience and they don’t even know it.

18:24: Ron: The WOW is the one thing about doTERRA that makes it different. I could not do that with any other program. It connects people and give you confidence. You are the instant expert.

19:31: Liz: The way you make someone feel about themselves helps with the connection with the WOW you are affect their emotions and feelings. You have affected their feelings.

21:03: Carrie: This takes some time. After several years my massage therapist is asking me about the oils for thyroid.

25:07: Ron: The EOE app has testimonials on it.

25:54: Hope: The apps get updated every single year; the books you have to buy new every year. Give the app as a gift for customers. For Apple users give them iTunes or Google play store card which is cheaper than the book.

27:15: Ron: I decide to create a 60 Days to Silver app. I should have the first part of the app in a month.

28:22: Carrie: We want an app for to keep track for our prospects.

28:43: Ron: I started to create a reminder system for your new people. You would get reminders for the 14-day move and the 60 day move. I have a lot of people who wants to learn how to leverage automation to help them get information they want.

38:44: Ron: When you beat yourself up you are not serving anyone.  Once you realize that are better off today than you were a month ago. And the truth is that you are. In your doTERRA biz, even if you didn’t get the goal, you are closer. At some point you will get your goal. The biggest thing about going Silver is to make a decision to do it. Plan out your weeks look and at your points. Do personal growth stuff every day to move you closer to your goal. Do something every day.  There is a great book: The One Thing. The audible version gives you a link to downloads. The essence of that book is that we all have a million things to do but every day pick one thing that will move you closer to your goal. Then do it today. Make sure that it is doable and go do it.  Sometimes it is as simple as doing one WOW. The one thing that you pick will be different for everyone.

54:10: Ron: We qualified for the cruise the first year in doTERRA. I was almost in tears. I never won a trip before. It was all inclusive.

56:06: Liz: The first night we had a welcome appetizer. They gave us so much.

58:04: Ron: I was working on doTERRA instead of my engineering stuff because it was more fun. I followed my heart and people were getting value from it. Ours is the best. Retention is how many people is still buying after three months. Most MLMs retention rate is less than 8-15% ours is 60%.

59:34: Ron: I was listening to Eric Worre. I listened to some of his trainings. Get them in and see if they will commit for 90 days. If it gets close to 90 days, see if you can get them to commit for the next 90 days. It is all about YOU. That is the challenge for most MLMs it is all about you. This is icky.

1:01:35: Ron: My goal is to take it out of sales. We need to make the connection. We offer something to them that twill help them. Helping them will not make you feel icky. When you make it about you then you are icky.

1:07:15: Ron: It makes things so much easier when you have your spouse working with you to help you in your business.

1:11:26: Ron: This will change your future. It isn’t hard. Stop making it hard. You are the one making it hard. That is the mindset part. It is not hard and start telling yourself this. It is easy. Say that to yourself multiple times a day. If you have a choice between a 40 hour a week job or going and doing a few WOWs – what is easier?

1:15:18: Ron: I use Vimeo because I can control the privacy settings. You can define where that video can be played. You can have an embed link or a private link. All the videos I use in 60 Days TO Silver have the private embed link. So they cannot be played except inside a logged in area.