Office Hours: May 23, 2019 – Thursday


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, May 23, 2019 

Office hour call - We talked about the new app and website for 60 Days to Silver that should be available within a couple of weeks.  Also, Jenn is going DIAMOND this month!

7:50: Jenn: I always plan my week, if I don’t, it will hit you.

8:28: Jenn: I am duplicating. We were role playing about the dream thing.

8:45: Ron: You are still duplicating. They can do that with their new people. Step 7 of the seven gates is understanding the “Why”.

9:23: Ron: I had no intention of bringing in anyone Silver or beyond in this program. A lot of the leaders never learned the basics of the business. Many cannot duplicate. Many are trained to talk to two people per day, but they don’t know what to say. You get excited about the training, but you don’t know how to make it real if you can’t measure something.

11:03: Jenn: Forget about the product and focus on the builders.

11:25: Ron: Blue Diamonds say that they do one-on-ones, but they teach their people to do classes. If they don’t understand about the business, you cannot duplicate. Many Blue Diamonds do one thing but teach something else. You can work so many fewer hours if you focus on the dream build business side rather than the business side. If you focus on just selling products you are just trading one job for another.

14:57: Ron: I am about to release the app in a couple weeks. I am also thinking of developing some simple apps based on the 7 Gates. You will be able to put the contact information of someone you WOWed and they will get a text or e-mail on the Aroma Touch.

21:59: Ron: All of the lessons, the planned calls and office hours calls will be on the app. I want you and your team to be able to use this and to duplicate.

2634: Mary Jane: Some people don’t want an Aroma Touch but they do want information. This can give them information and they may become customers. As we focus on finding builders, we will get customers also.

27:17: Ron: When we look for builders, we will get customers but instead of looking for customers, we look for builders and acquire customers as a side effect.

31:02: Ron: (shares a bookmark with a picture of an app that advertises 60 days to Silver) This is something that I shared at our second convention. I always wanted to do an app and when I made the bookmark, I didn’t even have a program yet. Now finally I am developing the app.

32:38: Vivian: I could have used that app when I was away on holidays.

3253: Ron: All you will have to do is to have them grab their phone and send them a message and they can schedule an Aroma touch. The more your can simplify and be more professional, it makes you look good and easy to duplicate. It is simple. I want a simple data entry form.

45:25: Ron shows the updates on the 60 Days to Silver website.

53:46: Ron: If you want something different, you have to do something different. Sometimes it is just baby steps. The “why” is what makes the steps bigger.

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