Office Hours: May 17, 2019 – Friday


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, May 17, 2019 

2:16: Ron: How many 5-minute increments in a day—that we waste? Think of all of the little things that you can get done to move your doTERRA business forward in 5-minute increments?

3:43: Carrie: What is the process and the conversation for someone wanting to sell doTERRA products at their place of business?

4:05: Ron:  Suggest that they earmark the money from doTERRA products for something special for the office staff. Legally a business has to have the correct business forms. Wait for a month or two until after money starts to come in and then you can convert him. Ask the office manager for ideas how to spend the money.

7:41: Michelle: I did a really good job of explaining the benefits of the Pro kits but what if my prospects don’t think that they can do the business? Is it okay to talk about the smaller kits?

9:16: Ron: The kit discussion happens one-on-one. I tell them, based on all that you told me that the best kit for you is this and here’s why: If you want to start a business you can either start small or start big. How fast do you want to build your business? The very first kit comes with a very special deal and after that first purchase all of the specials go away. We give a bonus to those who what to build quickly.

13:04: Michelle: I got to get my people practicing the WOW and the verbiage.

15:05: Ron: Have your team to post daily and weekly totals and break down what you want the people to report on, WOWs, getting No’s. Let go of some of your work and have your VA to do that.

20:01: Michelle: The Book Exactly What to Say book, “This is probably not for you but…”.  Magic words that speak to the subconscious mind. I have to get them there. Verbiage is so important.

22:40: Ron: If you are activity based, you go talk to two people per day. Knowing what to do and how to say it. It is like steppingstones to a pot of gold. The hardest part of the WOW is just starting the conversation.

30:06: Michelle: For me the biggest struggle in my business was not meeting someone new but now thanks to the WOW I have new people.

30:24: Ron: There are more people you don’t know than who you know. You have an infinite market. The sooner you make the decision, the sooner your business will grow. When you consistently meeting new people you will sooner or later meet the diamonds in the rough. As long as you are not out selling oil bottles, you will get some others that are curious. As you talk about the business and sell the business, that is a huge shift, but it will accelerate your business.

40:09: Ron: Sweeten the deal for any of the Pro Kits. A Diamond Kit gets you $420.00 in profit for you. You can use some of that money for a really cool reward if they decide to buy it. You can include things like convention tickets, or for ATT certification, books, apps, ATT sessions, extra products one-on-one-time etc. Or offer to drop the price by $50.00 or $100.00 in cash, etc. Profit is what you play with. Put yourself in their spot and ask what would THEY value? We forget how simple things makes a huge difference.

47:49: Liz: I listened to the book Exactly What to Say I can use all of this is not only in sales but also in my personal relationships. It is very easy listing. It takes 1/1/2 hour.  Another good book is What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, it builds self-confidence and hope.