Office Hours: May 16, 2019 – Thursday


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, May 16, 2019 

Office hour call - getting your WHY and prospecting for business builders rather than product buyers...

May 16, 2019 Thursday

00:10: Susan: I just started to journal, and I feel that it is a place to rant and rave and complain.

00:36: Ron: Do you add gratitude things to your journal? Get what bothers you out of your head and write it down. That will release those things. Also write what you want to focus on for the next day. Schedule journaling time and set an alarm.

05:44: Susan: I had an appointment today to find out the “why” of my people, but she cancelled.

6:19: Ron: Do a takeaway. Tell her it may not be important for her to have a why. Your “why” will move your forward. If you don’t tackle your “why” just know that nothing will change in your life. Say, “You may not be the right person for this.”

07:08: Susan: I am not sure of my “Why”.

07:09: Ron: Go back to Week 1 for your why. Find out what you want and break it down to real numbers and real dates. You need a sold clear vision for what you want and will accomplish your “Why”.

15:51: Ron: Think of a reason to make some extra money and what would you use that money for? The reason is your “Why”. More money opens up more options. Don’t put any limiting beliefs on what you want. Find something that you want and find out the monthly payments. Get some real numbers. And make that your “Why”.

25:05: Ron: When people say that it is an MLM ask them what that means to them? MLM is the best way to make money on the planet because all you have to do is to focus on one thing. I don’t have to import things or source my product, or manufacture them or run the legal department, or manage my employees, etc. All I have to do is to see if people are interested. If people are interested, I show them how to get the essential oils and then I move on.  It is as simple as that.

26:00: Susan: How do you get past that knowing that this can help you, but you don’t know all of the answers like those who have the medical background?

26:33: Ron: Those who have a medical background and pitch the oils that way are in a product sales business. We are on a dream building business. We don’t focus on little bottles of oils. We focus on the business. If you do this if or a little while and work it hard you will have money coming in for the rest of your life.

38:25: Ron: Once you realize that everyone, even the professionals, are just like you, it gets easier. When talking to professionals, realize that they do things that they don’t really like what they have to do. They get burned out. It is the brightest of these kids that go into the fields. Sometimes professionals get bored. Never prejudge what the case is. The odds are is not.

40:35: Jenn: Open up the door for the professionals. When the time is right, they will come back to you. It is all about timing. Things could be either falling apart or they may be just be tired.

44:32: Ron: It is less vulnerable to talk about the products. People freak out when they start to talk about the money. Tell than that you have a goal for making a certain amount of money by a certain day. You are tracking. You are building your dream instead of helping to build someone else’s.

49:46: Ron: Duplicate finding builders and you don’t have to worry about the science and the professional stuff. Don’t manage your down line, just inspire. The “why: is what holds everything together. It is important to find out their “why”. The “why” is the fuel that keeps them there. Get them making money and they will stray. Once you start to make passive income, you will have money showing up every month. All you have to do is to put in your monthly order. They don’t care how much money you make, all they have to do is realize that THEY can make money.

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