Office Hours: Nov 9, 2018 – Friday Morning (Kymberlee Simantel)


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday Nov 9, 2018 (Kymberlee Simantel led the call)

00:33: Melissa: I was asked to teach classes. How much shall I charge?

02:02: Kymberlee: Find out what other classes cost and charge accordingly. Also do a raffle whenever you are in front of people. Have them fill out a questionnaire in a raffle form. People are more included to give you information when there is a chance for them to win something.

05:15: Melissa: I am going to make some simple things to sell also that have essential oils in them.

07:38: Kymberlee: I taught one of my downline to do an aroma yoga class.

08:55: Carrie: A crossline and I am going prospecting together. We are going to talk to several businesses.

09:53: Kymberlee: Find coffee shops where you don’t have to get permission and talk about essential oils. Make sure that those that come will buy a drink. Some coffee shops have community tables. Check out spas or wellness centers.

12:40: Kymberlee: Here are some ideas for beauticians who are using the oils. Show them how to relax their clients by doing a bit of a neck massage for their clients. Ask to do classes at beauty salons. Introduce our shampoo and conditions. Our products are color safe and cannot be bought in a store.

15:50: Carrie: How do I pick people with a crossline?

16:17: Kymberlee: The one that connects more with the people will get them. Switch off, first one is mine the second one is yours, etc. Make sure that you have the conversation before you start. Who will service this person better? Consider that also.

19:51: Kymberlee: What do you do to meet new people?

20:14: Carrie: It is easy for me to meet new people since I am a dental hygienist. It is hard for me to sell them something. Teaching classes is the easiest way for me. I uses the WOW more.

21:50: Michelle: I am finding that I love the WOW and the Aroma Touch. I am trying to get into new places. I give thank you cards and oil samples. I try to put myself in new places and do the WOW.

23:29: Mary Jane: I teach a class every week. During the week I make up flyers about the class and take the flyers to local businesses and they to get them when they are not busy and then if I have time to talk I give them a WOW and the flyer and invite them to the class. The flyer opens the door to a conversation about the oils.

26:56: Kymberlee: I put flyers up in grocery stores and coffee shops. Also garden centers are a great place to approach to teach free classes to use the oils to controls pests etc. We geared the classes toward gardeners. Basil is an excellent companion to tomatoes. But basil in you water for tomatoes. It must be a win-win situation to bring more customers to their place of business. I would have them add lime or lemon to their drinking water and I make an essential oil infused snack.

30:34: Kymberlee: Popcorn recipe: Hot air popped corn, then use either olive oil or butter, heat up the oil and add one drop of basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, pink pepper etc and then sprinkle with Himalayan sea salt. Lime cilantro popcorn is delicious. Demonstrate that they see how to make it so they see how easy it is.

33:28: Kymberlee: Another tip for beauticians: have a beautiful pitcher of water on a tray with beautiful glasses and an assortment of oils such as wild orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, etc. Then pour the customer a glass of water and ask them what they would like in their water today?

Also make some roller balls and sell the roller balls. Add some positive affirmations such as “You are fabulous”, “You are beautiful” etc. The affirmations with the oils are good for any type of make and take class.

36:36: Carrie: The Drop book from Aroma Tools has several crafty and fun ideas for cute oil ideas.

38:22: Kymberlee: Ideas for meeting people: MeetUp. It is free to attend groups. Check out some MeetUp groups that you are interested in and not about oils. Try each group at least 2 or 3 times before you commit to the group. You are meeting new people who enjoy the same things that you enjoy.

45:46: Melissa: I find it challenging to talk to people and offer them a WOW but I am going to start up conversations in candle aisles to tell them that they can smell good without being toxic.

46:47: Kymberlee: Ron and I have built our business very differently. I did not use his techniques to build my business. I expose myself to many different groups. I would attend many events to find friends and then enrollments.

51:10: Kymberlee: Wear your oils like perfume and put them on before you enter a room, the chiropractors’ office, etc. I use frankincense, Wild Orange and Peppermint in a roller bottle, Also Elevation is great, Whisper etc. When you come up with words that feel comfortable, write it down, put them in your phone etc. Before you meet with a peoples rehearse the right words, then when you face them you are comfortable with the right words.

56:44: Kymberlee: In addition to MeetUps there are all kinds of clubs. Start to go to them and meet people to network with.