Office Hours: June 6, 2019 – Thursday Morning


Office Hours Call Notes - June 6, 2019 - Thursday AM

Office hour call - Thursday Morning June 6, 2019

Thursday AM June 6, 2019

0:25: Libby: My kids are in swimming lessons. One of their teachers starting gushing on me. Oils came up and I WOWed her. She was in YL and built up a team but then lost them. I got some weird vibes from her. She asked me how she can get on my team.

2:59: Ron: Ask her the Dan Sullivan question. You endear people toward you when you listen to them. When someone takes times to listen to you, you are their best friend. You are giving them your time. Healers want to help people and they listen. Embrace that she is talking to you. Guide her. Ask her if she is open to learning and being guided by their upline. Get clear on her “why”. Take her through the 7 gates. Qualify her to see if she is a good match for you. The purpose of the 7 Gates is for people to self-select in as being a builder. Don’t push people. People want to make their own decisions and have people take them on their journey. Go back to their “Why”. Ask if they want to be mentored or coached. Get their permission.

14:37: Michelle: I want to create volume in my legs. I sent out an e-mail to my leaders and told my leaders to promote the promotions with their customers. If we each got 10 people to buy who usually don’t buy, then some would rank advance.

16:48: Ron: When people are making money with Mary Kay (they make 50% profit) compare that with doTERRA earnings. I tell people that I want to create true passive income. Most MLMs are focused on selling products. This is not true passive income. You are trading one job for another. I am developing a network of life coaches that help each other that we talk and with each other and develop a passive business. I am still making money on people that I signed up 10 years ago. doTERRA works because of its high retention rate-- 80 -85%. More than half of the people that I have even enrolled in doTERRA are still buying doTERRA. We have people loyal to the product, this is what generates passive income whether I put in time in or not.

21:12: Michelle: My ATT came and wanted to buy and now she can move. She wants to build.

22:45: Ron: You went into the ATT with the right mindset. You put it out there and see where it goes.

25:22: Kristine: I did a WOW on a stranger.

26:13: Ron: If you are open to talking to people that you don’t know, your business will grow.

26:16: Kristine: I asked her if she would be interested in learning more about it. She said that she felt like this is not a good time for her. It was a “no” for now. But I did 27:05:

27:05: Ron: you did it and you got through it. The key is numbers. The more people you do this with the more people you. Timing is everything. When the timing is right, then your mind is open. When the time is right you mind is open. Figure out where you are prospecting. Don’t expect an outcome from your activities. If it doesn’t work out, its okay. Ask them if you can give them a call in a few months.