June 13, 2019 – AM


We talked about what do do when you are frustrated with your progress in doterra.

June 13 – Thursday AM

2:18: Michelle: I am in discouragement mode. I am a bit burned out and need some time.

2:47: Ron: What sort of things can you think of that can help you feel good about your business right now?

3:45: Michelle: I am not having a high enrollment rate with ATs right now.

4:15: Ron: That is common with healers. They are afraid to ask for things. Warriors don’t have problems signing people up. Healers are afraid that they might be too pushy or selfish.

7:37: Michelle: I had two business conversations yesterday. That was good.

8:37: Ron: How many gates of the 7 Gates do you take someone through. These are 7 Gates to Find Business Builders. This help you to get clarity on their intent. It helps the to get clarity on your intent. What we are doing is about people, not oils.  We want to find people who want to change their lives, not just buy oils. We only leverage the oils to change lives. We refer people to doTERRA, we don’t sell oils. We focus on people, not the people. Oils help people to wake up. We are looking for people who want to change their lives.

14:16: Michelle: I hate doing the WOWs.

15:11: Ron: The first of the 7 Gates is “Would you like to know more? Would you like to change your life?” You are starting the conversation about the the business. If you don’t start the conversation about the business, you are still selling just the oils. If you want to find builders, you must start asking the questions that builders will respond to. Here is a question: “Would you like to learn how to earn the money to be able to hire someone?” As a healer, you get to help them solve the biggest problem of all - not enough money.

19:43: Michelle: I have a fear because I have seen a lot of people try to make money in their business and they failed. I am scared that they will not make it.

20:27: Ron: Were you helping them to sell oils or to build the business? If they wanted to make $500.00 and they used the Live, Share and Build they would have to sell a LOT of oils. That is why they are frustrated. We get to find people with similar goals. They will be totally cool with LRP orders, with helping you with events, with being coached, etc. I ask for what I want and what I am looking for. The whole AT thing is just one of the gates. If they are not willing to receive an AT then they are not a good candidate for this business. You are looking for builders, not buyers. Oils are not the end product. You can say something like, “I work with one or two people at a time and I help them to radically change their financial lives for the better. Would that make a difference in your life?”

36:06: Liz: Remember that you are not alone in your frustration. Sept back and look at the bigger picture. Write down all that you have accomplished so far. See how far you have come and see that you have done well. We get the choose the attitude we want for the day.

40:37: Ron: When you are frustrated, you are focused on yourself. If you don’t want to be frustrated, then go help someone else. If you choose to, you can make a decision not to feel that way, it is completely in your control.

51:20: Liz: It is okay to feel frustrated at times. This is only a hiccup; this is not the rest of your business. Do not worship the negative in your life. Don’t focus on it. Move forward.

52:39: Mary Jane: I am searching. I go though a cycle of being down and getting up again.

53:26: Ron: This is a hard time of the year.

53.:41: Mary Jane: I am so frustrated with everyone on my team. I set a goal of doing 100 ATs.

54:48: Ron: The reason you are frustrated is that you are setting your goal on activities. If you set your goal for actives, it is just like another job. You get to look and find other activities that will get you closer to your goals. When you are focusing on activity instead of the results will make you frustrated. Focus instead on how to get the results. The first gate is finding out if they are interested in change their lives... in making 2019 a better year … on getting a better car, etc. Are you trying to help people change their financial problems? If you focus on actives, and the active are not given you the results you want then you get to change your activities.

59:34: Mary Jane: I don’t want to talk to people and tell them that they can make $500/month when I am not making near that figure.

59:41: Ron: Now you are projecting.

1:01:23: Ron: Don’t worry about classes. It is the one-on-ones that will grow your business.

1:01:06: Mary Jane: People don’t come to my classes or one-on-ones.

1:01:03: Ron: without the business discussion, they don’t see the value. Everyone is busy.

1:05:41: Ron: If you are focusing on getting what you want, which is to get them to buy, then you will get more and more frustrated. As long as you keep putting the focus on you, you will be frustrated. The only way you will not be frustrated is putting the focus on them. If you can find ways to help people get what they want, you will not get frustrated. Even if they don’t take it then, at least you offered. Do something today that breaks the pattern. Your mission is to help people. The WOW is helping people wake up to what they really want. Most people focus on the bad stuff, if you help them focus on the good stuff, both of you will spiral upwards. Their energy is contagious. There is always someone who needs you and what you have. If you are interested in people, that endears people to you. Your mission is to help more people.


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