Office Hours: Nov 23, 2018 – Friday Morning – Dan Sullivan Question


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, Nov 23, 2018 - The Dan Sullivan Question ("R" Factor Question)

This morning, we talked about the Dan Sullivan Question.   This is a valuable question to know how to ask prospects to see if they would be a potential business builder or not.

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November 23, 2018 – Friday – The Dan Sullivan Question

00:00: Ron: The Dan Sulivan question is a very important question to ask to find out what a prospect wants and gives you a clear vision of what they need. The question: (doTERRA version):

“If we were having this talk one year from today and you were looking back over that year what would have had to happen both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?”


What challenges that you have now that needs to be solved?

What opportunities need to be captured?

What strengths need to be developed?”

06:10: Ron: As they tell you their challenges, acknowledge them and continue with going down the list of specific questions.

09:25: Ron: You see how powerful the question is? Once you keep asking the questions, what will you learn about the person? If you shut up and listen, they will tell you everything.

11:11: Michelle: My concern is that with this question, people can dump on you.

11:15: Ron: You create boundaries. And you ask the question when you are willing to listen. You cannot probe until YOUR shields are down. Then you can communicate. If you get good as asking such a question, they will tell you everything and you can steer them. You can only help people who want to be helped. If they are not open, that’s okay. It may not be the right time for them. This business is not about selling bottles of oil but rather helping people to create a new future for themselves. You will get their visions by asking them hard questions. Ask and then shut up and listen to their answers. They will give you their “why”, their challenges and their vision. They hear their own good advice. This is powerful psychological stuff. This is a simple, helping, dream-building question that gets their brains thinking. This is how you build your doTERRA business.