Office Hours: Aug 15 2021- Sunday


  • Network Marketing companies do NOT call themselves "network marketing company" e.g. "the doTerra Network Marketing company, LLC" -- They are product or service companies that want to sell their products. They just happen to have a payment strategy that orients a multi-level payment structure for selling those products or services.
  • So, focus on PEOPLE, not products if you want to build to higher profits into your business.
  • Don't be afraid to get into the business, rather than just product sales
  • Focus on Helping People!
  • Pushing past discomfort
  • Creating a "Plan B"
  • Moving from job mentality to entrepreneurial mindset  i.e. trading time for dollars vs. creating value for others
  • How to help someone get what they want or need so they decide to put money on the table
  • Why building a network marketing business is so much easier than creating a product company
  • Product and business claim NO-NO's
  • People who ask questions are the ones who control the conversation
  • Network marketing and duplication
  • Getting into personal space -- can be uncomfortable, but this is a relationship business
  • How to meet people and prospect them

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