Office Hours: Apr 4, 2019 -Thursday Evening – Incentive Trip Point Tracker


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Apr 4, 2019 

This evening's call focused on how to qualify and track your progress for the doTERRA incentive trip to Hawaii in January 2020. We also talked a little about "saturation" of doTERRA in the US and Canada.

I introduced a custom point and prize calculator and showed how to use it to track your progress.

You can download the calculator (v1.6) below.

9 April 2019 - Update: V1.7: Per today's Diamond Call, whoever qualifies at 125 points will go.  The 100 winner limit no longer applies. (calculator is the same... just the comment has changed.)

2:09: Ron: (demonstrates how to use his Hawaii point tracker)

18:08: Roxanna: I want more life/work balance in my life.

18:39: Ron: A balanced life is an illusion. People who are focused on their career is always busy. It shifts from extreme to extreme. You got to take a break at time. When you are having fun you are not making money. Balance is perfection., IT is really hard to achieve. Don’t go for the illusion of a perfectly balanced life. Go on a vacation for two weeks. You have to rejuvenate or else you will burn out. Be happy with what you have and enjoy the journey. You are not growing if you are comfortable. Going Diamond helped us to balance our lives. Making 6 figures gave us options.

27:57: Liz: Your balanced life is to your perception of what a balanced life really is. We had to work really hard in the beginning. Ron was always at the computer and as his spouse, I did not always like it. Our life was not balanced at time. A balanced life is different for everyone and it is according to your standards. We are here to help you to improve.  I have learned and grown. You have to schedule what you want. You have to schedule your development. Life is like a car, it runs even if it is not perfect.  Every day schedule your success. Set your goals.

34:54: Ron: Planning your week is not natural. If you plan out your week. If you don’t you will not have as efficient week as if you would plan your week.

37:09: Ron: each homework for each week you repeat for the rest of your doTERRA life. Never stop Wowing people. Balance is an illusion, but if you find balance in in what you are doing in that moment than you truly have a balanced life.

44:44: Roxanna: The Oracles will say that doTERRA will get saturated.

45:20: Ron: Every day that I prospect I meet people who have never heard of doTERRA. Even in Utah, I would find people who never heard of doTERRA. I WOW people as I go through my day. If they ask, I tell them more. Saturation is an illusion. It is crazy how low the percentage is.

48:21: Mary Jane: Most of the people in doTERRA are not working their business. Not all the people who sign up today will last for the year. We use saturation as a limiting belief. We have an advantage.

51:15: Ron: How many people are in Connecticut? How many people do you need to go Silver? You need 3. Do you think you can find three people in your whole state? Even with all of the doTERRA people already in in Connecticut there are still many more people yet out there. Every single day I meet someone who has never heard of doTERRA. Focus on the three people and one at a time. You are helping them to get something they need or want in life.

55:51: Ron shows how many doTERRA leaders in each state. (Saturation is not a problem at this point!)