Office Hours: Apr 26, 2019 -Friday


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Apr 26, 2019 

We started the call with Carrie asking how to say "NO" to people...

April 26, 2019 - Friday

00:26: Carrie: I want to get stuff done and I feel that I need to get new people.

2:17: Ron: You are trying to manage your team. This is a volunteer army and you must lead and inspire them, not manage them.

3:21: Carrie: I need better communication and I need to take care of myself. I must start saying “No” to some things. And I must get better organized.

4:04: Ron: The biggest challenge a healer has is saying “no”. They put everyone else first. A hard thing for a healer to do is to take came of themselves. Your things have value also. Others don’t care what you want, they only care about what they want. How do you extract yourself from those that suck your life blood away?

6:05: Carrie: I have to take care of myself and I need more blocked times for things for me. The doTERRA comes through when I do enjoyable things.

7:23: Ron: You have to put your oxygen mask on before you put on others. If you don’t take care of yourself, your business will die.

8:17: Michelle: I am a “fixer”. I fix everyone’s stuff, but I am going to stop it. I delegate stuff. When I do a WOW, I just do a WOW and I don’t worry about the outcome.

10:42: Sunita: I just say “No”. I don’t give explanation. My family is getting used to it. I tell my husband “No”. You just have to say “No”. My husband doesn’t believe the time it takes to do some things. You must learn to delegate things. Categorize how you say “No” to people. Tell them that you will call them back when you can. Set ground rules with your family and friends. If they don’t understand, get rid of them. If I don’t say “no” nothing will help. You have to be true to yourself. We are actually going backwards in longevity due to stress.

18:09: Ron: When you reduce stress, your health gets better. Stress is caused by financial problems and when you can help them to reduce financial problems. You can help them live longer and you have this perfect business model to help them with financial and physical stress.

24:24: Ron: When you push through a barrier and then you have the possibly to fall back. Be conscious of the possibly of falling back. You can sometimes be a Healer and sometimes you can be a Warrior. When either the Healer or Warrior becomes dominant then you lose. You need to balance them both.

28:07: Carrie: I am frustrated that I need other people to help me.

28:56: Sunita: If you have any belief in God. God has your back, keep it simple, make it fun and remember that the entire world is your personal entertainment committee.

30:48: Sunita: When you focus on getting ready to get ready then patience takes over.

32:18: Ron: You are experiencing on getting uncomfortable. Burn off your energy. Getting out physically and do something and then plan out things and do thing. Take a piece of pager and write down everything that is frustrating you now. Write down everything. Be honest. Look at the list and find the one thing that is bugging you. Then solve that problem. Men’s brains are very compartmentalized. Women’s brains are a bundle of wires and everything is touching each other so everything is intertwined.  The solution to this is to identify the single thing that is bugging you and solve it. Then everything else is less stress.

38:40: Michelle: If you can accomplish that one thing that makes a difference to you, you will really feel better.

41:13: Ron: I am so impressed that you are doing the WOWs. It does not matter if they are not interested. The more that you meet, the more that your business will grow. Make your funnel large, not small. This is not natural for anyone, but you want to be part of the 2% of the world. We prospect, we do WOWs, we do ATs, etc. This is not normal. If you want what that 2% has, do what that 2% does. Duplicate.

44:09: Sunita: Michelle is inspiring me. Just offer the oils and don’t worry about the outcome. Stop with the peppermint if it does not feel right with that person. You don’t need to complete the WOW. If you don’t you are not a failure.

45:06: Ron: Often I stop at one or two oils. I must like the person. If I don’t like someone I will not continue. I am a gate keeper and I want only people that I like in this business. This is your business. You can choose your boundaries.

48:28: Ron: When you surround yourself with people that care, they want you to succeed.

50:37: Ron: The theme of this call was how to say “No”.

50:58: Carrie: There are things in this business that I love, and I am not doing, and I feel that I need to live and to take care of myself. I feel that everyone needs me. When I demand, then they get upset. I need to say “no”.

52:07: Ron: Say, “No, thank you.” It is still “no”, but it is said politely. It is very common for women have because women are support people.  There is a conflict between what they want and what their role is. It is your time You get to choose what you get to do. When you let other people to control your time then you feel help. You are a strong powerful woman.

54:02: Vivian: You need to do things that you like to do instead of doing things all the time for others. I make time for what I want to do. I feel that I am getting more things accomplished also.

55:32: Ron: 55:32: This is a personal growth business. The first steps are the hardest, but it is not physically hard. If you keep focusing on the WOWs, you will change for the better. Carrie is realizing that she is important also. Utah is only 3% saturated with doTERRA. I would always get prospects in Utah. The WOW is part of your life. Prospect anyone. You want to prospect everyone, and you want business people. And it gets easier. If they say “No”, you will not see them again.

10:02:32: Ron: Delegation is a hard thing to do. Then When carried asked me, I delegated her questions to all of you and it came out better. It is hard for leaders to let go and lead and inspire. You are all gaining by helping Carrie. Learn how to create other people’s community.