Office Hours: Apr 25, 2019 -Thursday


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 

April 25, 2019

2:43: Vivian:  There are 6 different ways to get paid?

3:04: Ron: LRP is one of the ways to get paid since you get free products. There are many different compensation plans. In Level 7 your get paid 7%. If you have choices between payment plans doTERRA is great. Dynamic compression tells you who gets the payment. Different ranks get you more money. There is no breakage in doTERRA. doTERRA pays out all the commissions. There are several different types of bonuses. Average time to go Diamond in doTERRA is 2 years. You work hard and then you get passive income. You must persist and stick with it. If you stop then you lose, that is the only time you lose. Where else can you start a business with only $3,000? You can make millions of dollars without a business license. The only thing we have to do is share and educate them about what we have to do. This is an easy decision. What is so hard about doing the WOW? Most people give up too soon. Your “why” changes at every step of the way. People stop dreaming at about 30 years old.

18:45: Kristine: I did 2 WOWs yesterday; it is coming easier.

19:19: Ron: You get to the stage where you get selective as to who you WOW.  You get to the point where you don’t even think about doing it. I don’t make a conscious decision NOT to WOW someone based on the way I think that they may react. Some will, some won’t, someone is waiting. There are people waiting for you. See future doTERRA people, they are everywhere.

Get out of your head that this is sales. If you like them, give them a WOW. They don’t see the money. Anyone who starts this business can become a millionaire in this business. Just get out there are do it. You are making a difference.

28:24: Kristine: People are becoming more health conscious and more interested in holistic medicine.

30:09: Ron: Whatever they need to take the oils will help them. Introduce this to people so that they get comfortable. Talk to them about how this can change their lives. Then they will see the value of the LRP. You can share how to make money with this company. Lack of finances cause stress. More money will help with less stress.

42:30: Vivian: Peppermint is great to repel ants. Put a couple drops of peppermint where ants come, and it will repel them.  Also put some peppermint in water and spray it.

44: 50: Kristine: I have to login a few times before I get to the lessons.

45:35: Ron: Google how to clear your cookies. Clear your cookies and also you can try to use the Chrome browser.