Office Hours: Apr 18, 2019 -Thursday


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Apr 18, 2019 

April 18, 2019

2:44: Vivian: Where I struggle is that I do the AT and ask questions and get feedback, but how do you lead into selling?

30:07: Ron: After you finish the AT is when the fun starts. Ask which one why want to sample. Then offer them two more samples. Go through all of the oils. Ask them questions. In that process you have the book out you and look up the oils, you educate them throughout the process. Tell them that everyone’s body chemistry is different. Be confident and give them samples. Once you are confident, the whole game changes. If you are confident nothing can stop you. While you are talking to them, ask them questions. Would you like to make this a better year? By the time you are done, they like you. Duplication is the key in this business.

11:05: Ron shares EOE books and Modern Essentials app. Don’t teach or prescribe oils. Show people how look up oils themselves. Don’t teach them or prescribe what to do for conditions. Let them figure it out themselves so that you don’t get into trouble. These are not drugs so you cannot prescribe them. Tell them to try oils first and if they don’t see results, then go see a doctor. Knowing about oils is not necessary to build a business. Business builders go on LRP and buy lots of products.

23:39: Ron: anyone building a business will buy products. Eric Whore gets people into a business and wants them to commit for 90 days. During that 90 days, they will get a sale and when they get closer to 90 days, then push them to stay for the next 90 days. We don’t have to push our products.  We are not an oils salesperson. Diamonds and above all sell a business, they don’t do classes, they do one-on-ones.

26;20: Vivian: One-on-ones are much easier to meet with someone one on one and get to know them.

28:06: Ron: Everyone starts with no downline. Then you start finding people. Ask you downline why they joined doTERRA and ask them about building. Go through the gates with the people you have already.

30:15: Connie: One of my downline told me that she did not want to build because she did not want to make money off of other people.

30:37: Ron: That was an objection.

30:47: Vivian: To answer that objection say,  "I know how you feel, I felt the same way, but what I found was that not matter what someone is always making money off someone else. When you go to a store and buy something people are making money off of you."

31:14: Ron: if every sale you do is a win-win relationship then what is worn with that? You can practice handling objections with each other on a zoom call. Ask if that is the only reason. Would you be interested in finding out more?  Every objection is a fear and you are helping them get over their fear. Record yourself going through objections. If money was not the problem, would you be interested? Help them to solve their problems. Take a picture of someone and talk to the picture of that person if you feel uncomfortable with recording yourself.

40:00: Connie: I am going to a vendor event at a long-term care facility. When I asked her about the price range it was under $20.00. I was wondering if this is a good idea for me to get leads.

41:16: Ron: You can make up samples for under $20.00. You could sell them the oil and offer a free Aroma Touch. Make up sample vials with 10 drops of oil. This is more like selling products, but these residents have kids. Connect with the 40 + crowd.