Office Hours: Feb 7, 2019 – Thursday Evening


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Feb 7, 2019 

Thursday, February 7, 2019 –

1:00: Connie: How deep do you go into the compensation plan with prospects?

1:07: Ron: Just be aware that all of this information exists.   Focus on their hopes, dreams and future.There are eight different ways to make money. Just be aware that there are these ways. Share the powerpoint with your prospects. You don’t have to go deep into each of the different ways. Concentrate on the level where you are at currently.

18:03: Connie: I don’t know how to determine a person’s social style.

18:19: Ron: You can ask them anything. Ask “How are you?”.  The warrior is always looking at their watch. Visionaries are all about people and having ton of fun. Healers are great followers, people oriented.  Oracles have lots of questions. We are a combination of all four social styles. We leverage different social styles depending on the situation. We are predominately one social style. You learn how to shape shift depending on the situation.

26:26: Kristine: I am trying to figure out my own personal social style.

26:54: Ron: your primary social style is how you primarily go through life. When you are not stressed out what is your default way of dealing with them. Oracles and warrior are mission oriented. They want to get the job done. A warrior can be on a mission and change course. Accuracy is not as important to a warrior.

Understanding social styles is something that can help you to relate to people that are not like you. It may take you some time to learn this, but it will come with practice and with time.