Office Hours: Jan 25, 2019 – Friday Morning


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, Jan 25, 2019 

1:35: Carrie: It helped me to do a cross line conversation.

2:37: Ron: Community is a large part of your business. That is the purpose of the Wall. There are some really cool things on the Wall.

12:45: Hope: I realize that any relationships that I am creating has the potential of becoming one of my business builders.

13:04: Ron: As you grow your business, you will become this natural magnet to attract people. As your confidence grows, you will attract people who want to be around you. People will want to associate with you.

13:40: Courtney: I scheduled my first AT, but she had to reschedule. How do you respect your time while being available for her?

14:26: Ron: You get to go find more people. This is called “filling your funnel”. Try to get the value of what you are giving to them into their minds. Tell them about the AT with confidence. They must see the value, or they will not do it.

17:40: Kim: I have a question about filling the small sample bottles from the 5/8-dram sample bottles. The one with the oil is on the top with the flow restrictor, the bottom one is empty and it does not have the flow restrictor.

18:12: Ron: Put them together and shake and you will see drops going into the small sample bottle.

20:29: Michelle: How can I coach someone who is over 1000 PV away from her goal? Get some ATs on the books this week? See what you can create.

23:11: Ron: Getting ATs on the books is the best way to create income. Always ask for referrals after an AT. Ask if they know of someone who would like to train with the AT. I found that the AT is the most powerful tool in my arsenal. If you go through the whole process, you will sign people up. Also get good at selling pro kits. Approach people who are in business. They think like business people.

26:04: Jenn: Ron told me to approach business people. I tried out the WOW on a salon owner and he thought it was as good idea and I enrolled him. I went next door to the vitamin shop and the owner was interested. I dropped off a diffuser with him and he wants to know more.

27:21: Ron:  The reality if thinking outside the box. We are too chicken to tell people about doTERRA. Our lives have changed because someone told us about doTERRA.

28:25: Jenn: I told my prospect to wait a bit, gave him a diffuser for a few days and then he signed up with an Every Oils Kit. I have a large farm where I raise meats and tons of doTERRA people are my customers. My housekeeper told me about it and now people think of me as “the fish that got away”.

30:09: Ron: Everyone you don’t talk to is “the fish that got away”. Always prospect at your level or above. I shared the Amway business with the head of Intel. I told him I have a “business idea that I want to talk to you about”. This gave me confidence. Professionals are in this business because they want to have their time back. Present this as a business. Don’t assume that just because they are higher up in the food chain that they are not interested. Prospect at your level or above. Push past your comfort zone. The oils start the conversation.

37:07: Hope: I get to talk with my chiropractor and share the oils with him and make an impact on more than just his life.

37:13: Ron: Everybody needs this stuff, they just don’t know it. This is part of their life’s dreaming. Especially business owners know this. Business owners know that their business owns them.

32:53: Olya: Since our goal is to bring people into the business and I enroll people with smaller kits then I feel like a failure because they are not building a business.

43:23: Ron: If your questions are along the line of their “Why” and what they want to create in their lives. The kit they choose is what they are wanted to create. Tell them that you have a path, a plan to help make 2019 a better year. Find out if they are interested in changing their life in some way. If they are interested, then continue with the WOW. When it is time to close, they will already feel like they are starting a business and wanted to join your team. It is your job to help them get what they need. Help them to get the best kit for them – the Diamond Kit. Some people want to be just a customer and that is fine also. Remind your customers how your life is changing because of doTERRA.

48:47: Olya: I have a class scheduled. I can’t get the owner to commit to the business. She said that she does not want this business.

49:52: Ron: If she said that she don’s not want this business then ask her “What do you think that I do?”. Find out her objections. Ask her questions. Ask her what she does not want. Then say, “I know, I felt the same way. But we don’t do that.” Tell her that she needs to experience an Aroma Touch because she is stressed. Tell her that you are going to give it to her as a friend.

52:51: Olya: She can sell oils in her shop.

53:36: Ron: Do you want someone to retail oils or do you want a business builder who is a life coach to help others to get what they want?

54:39: Ron: 60 Days of Silver is different because it tells people to go for activities not results. Plan on the result not activities. Selling little bottles of oils is an activity not a result. The oils start the conversation. Don’t make selling oils your focus.