Office Hours: Jan 24, 2019 – Thursday Evening


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Jan 24, 2019 

04:09: Ron: You need the combination of orange and peppermint when you are trying to get people’s attention in public.

10:38: Ron: Make a game out of the WOW.

23:20: Ron: Storytelling is a huge part of your business. You connect with people through your story.

28:29: Tanya: On Guard kills c-diff. C-diff is a spore.

30:58: Ron: The best thing about doTERRA is personal growth.

32:09: Tanya: I was never taught how to dream. doTERRA helps me learn how to dream. I didn’t believe in myself.

33:39: Ron: Most people stop dreaming about the time they are 30. They get settled in life and purposely push down their dreams. When you can believe in them, then it helps them to believe that their dreams can come true. You can get someone can help you to dream for yourself. If someone can believe in, you then that will help you. If you struggle with belief, then ask someone to dream for you. If you want it, you can have it.

38:10: Tiffany: Start planning for February now. Get your leaders engaged and into the month strong. Demons start to pop up when you get close. Say “no” to those that are stopping you. Going Silver is like birthing a baby.

45:08: Tanya: Is there a way to do an Aroma Touch to yourself?

45:10: Ron: No, but as you are doing an Aroma Touch, you are getting all of the oils, so you are getting the benefits of the oils. If you do several in a row you may start to feel a bit loopy.

48:35: Kristine: Are there four different personality types?

48:49: Ron: They are social styles, not personalities. It is how people ask someone to help with something. Understanding the different social styles helps you to connect with people who are not like you. You get to connect to people who are unlike you. To determine a person’s style, I usually ask them a simple question like “How are you?” and not only listen to their answer but also observe their body language. There is no good or bad social style. Each social style has its own benefits.