Office Hours: Jan 17, 2019 – Thursday Evening


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Jan 17, 2019

 January 17, 2019

4:06: Connie: How do I use the oils as an introduction to the business?

4:25: Ron: The goal of meeting people is to find out if you like them. Tell them that you found that many times if I am having a health issues many times it can be tracked back to some stress in your life. One of the things I love to do is to get to the bottom of what is causing this stuff such as money or lack or time or relationship issues. Does any of the resonate with you? Then let them answer and then dig deeper. Health is related to other issues. Getting sick is related to stress in our lives that cause our bodies to start to fight themselves. Emotions, health, finances are all tied together. You can drive a health-related problem to relate to you as a life coach and introduce the business. When they open up then you can help them. If you are focused on selling oils, it will not happen. If you are focused on yourself it will not happen.

9:28: Ron: You are offering them an oil to help them. You care about her and you want to help.

10:00: ?: Offer her an Aroma Touch session.

12:25: Ron: Your question is how to leverage the oil into the business? Give them a sample and offer them an Aroma Touch. Tell them that you would be honored to give them an AT. Your gift. Week 2 goes into more detail.

20:22: Jenn: How do you do a class?

20:54: Ron: In the bonus area is Mother Nature’s Wellness. This is a tear pad that you can use to teach a class. The best part if the area on the back on the bottom. I don’t do them as a class. There is also a Power Point. You can do this also over the phone. Just send them the link. At the very end there is a section that asks them what their interest level is. This is totally all about them, nothing about me. I created them to help my downline to share the oils in a presentation mode.

30:35: Tonya: How do you lead into doing a WOW to a total stranger?

31:01: Ron: Do a WOW to yourself in public. Make it obvious. Put peppermint in your hands and blow out. Ask your waitress which oils she likes better between the two oils. Make it about them, not about you. Ask people to help you out. Thank them by giving you a WOW.

36:09: Tonya: What size bottles do you have?

36:21: Ron: I use the 5/8 size bottles. You can also use the keychain.

38:00: Connie: Sometimes I go with my son on business trips. How do I connect with people over an hour away from me?

38:40: Ron: Connect via video conferencing. You will learn the skills you need to use to get the job done. Two-way video is powerful. Zoom has a free account. Practice with someone else. Learn how to share documents via Zoom.

49:33: Ron: When you have a relationship challenge seek to learn how to create a better relationship since it is the relationship is a problem, not the oils. One way to have a relationship with a healer is to talk to her.

58:30: Ron: Use hole punches and attach the ¼ dram bottles to your business cards. To get drops out of a bottle, just tap the bottom of the bottle to get a drop out. The orifice is a way to regulate the drops.