Office Hours: Jan 10, 2019 – Thursday Evening


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Jan 10, 2019 

1:22: Tiffany: I found neat a neat thing. In G-mail you can make up canned responses, so I am going to make up some pre-written responses based on the kit that they enrolled with. Then they know exactly what to do with what they bought, and I want to be able to give this to my downline also.

Go to G-mail -- Setting, Inbox, Canned responses and create as many as you need.

6:37: Jenn: Did you ever have a bad experience with the Aroma Touch?

6:39: Ron: The secret is not to overdo the oils. There are at least 52 drops of oil on the person. The most common adverse response is sometimes someone feels some burning. Just apply some FCO. Ask if they are allergic before starting the ATT. Put a drop on their wrist if they say that they are.

10:53: Ron: I never give out any samples unless they really have a need for that particular oil. Keep the sample size at 5 drops. Otherwise you are filling their medicine chest.

16:50: Ron: The idea about prospecting is to make friends, not sign up customers. Make friends and build relationships.

18:57: Tiffany: I tell other moms that I am always try going to meet other moms. Make a joke about that and try to get them to smile. Share something personal.

20:55: Jenn: Do you talk about the business before you WOW someone?

21:00: Ron: If the business comes up before the Wow or after the ATT is another good time to talk about the business. I usually bring it on the first conversation and make it clear what I do. That is what the elevator speech is for.

25:10: Ron: Tell people that you do three no cost Aroma Touches each week because you want to get feed back from them about what they like or don’t like about it.

28:14: Charmaine: Is doing the WOW easier from some people than for others based on their personality?

28:38: Ron: Sometimes but mostly it is just practice.

32:33: Ron: Confidence is the main thing. That is why I started you with the WOW, to build your confidence. As you keep doing it, it will become more comfortable.

38:38: Ron: You have chemical patterns in your brains that you have programmed. Now you get to be reprogramed into not just selling oil but find business builders. You learned how to sell oils and everyone in the company learns how to sell oils. You want to develop a duplicate model so you get your time back. You will not get your time back when you just sell oils.

42:20: Denise: I was not clear as to figure out my “Why”.

42:47: Ron: If you have a strong “Why” to get things done and some confidence you will get things done. How will take the money you earn and spend it to get things done? That will be your “why”. Your “why” is always changing.

51:18: Danielle: I am stuck on finding my “why”.

51:30: Ron: Put that on the Wall and ask if someone else can talk with you and help you to find out your “why”. Week 6 is on helping to pull out someone else’s “why”. Money is attached to your “why”.

57:29: Mary Jane: Just a thought about sampling. As I grow in this program I sample less and less. A WOW is a sample. It is a better sample that they may or may not open.