Office Hours: Dec 7, 2018 – Friday Morning


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Dec 7, 2018 

01:26: Olivia: What is the best planner?

03:13: Ron: I am reading a book about how to dot journaling. There is no structure but you define the structure yourself. You can put notes into a journal like this. Book: Dot Journaling by Rachel Wilkerson Miller. On Amazon--about $10:30. This type of journal is anything you want to make it and it is all in one place.

Dot journaling combines a planner, a to-do list and a planner in a way that works for you.

31:38: Tiffany: It is good to get an aroma touch to see how it feels so that you can incorporate some tips into your technique.

33:30: Nicole: Week 7 – the Gap lesson helped me to keep things in perspective.

34:00: Ron: The Gap lesson is for those that get frustrated with their progress. Be grateful for how far you came. Everyone is comparing themselves again someone else.

36:56: Ron: The Aroma Touch is all about THEM! With the Aroma Touch you are touching someone’s life. It is more than just a physical experience. This creates a relationship connection.

43:08: Melissa: using EOs in homemade spa products can I use the oil cap stickers?

43:48: Ron: Just say something like: “made with doTERRA essential oils…” Just so that the customers know that your products are not doTERRA products.

47:19: Ron: Say that you are giving away 10 no-cost Aroma Touches. Start with questions: “Is your mind cluttered? Are you afraid of seasonal bugs? Do you have holiday stress?  etc.” My Aroma Touch will help you and I am giving away some free ones this season. People need to know what is in it for YOU also. Tell them that you want their feedback.

53:27: Ron: Say to people with money, “Do you struggle with what to get your wife for Christmas? Buy her a Diamond Kit. She will love your forever and your life will be changed for the better.”

54:46: Tiffany: Make the Diamond Kit your secondary approach and lead with Aroma Touch. Or make it a buy a kit and get an Aroma Touch.

56:46: Ron: Make sure that the box “Schedule By” is filled in. They can use it anytime they want but they must schedule it in a week. Make the bonuses more valuable than the product itself.

59:48: Ron: This is the season where people are used to spending. Why not on doTERRA?

1:03:10: Olivia: My husband’s boss thinks that his wife would be interested in doTERRA but it is so scary to approach him with “You should buy this $3,000.00 kit.”

1:03:24: Ron: Do a WOW then an AT. Take a diffuser to the Christmas party. Be brave, you are the conduit. Reach for those in a higher income bracket than you.

1:13:52: Hope: What is the best way to run a class?

1:14:48: Nicole: Essential Oils 101 – video from doTERRA. This video takes about ½ hour. Let doTERRA do the talking and you pass around the oils. This highlights the Family Essentials Kit. Class in a Box is a great resource. Live Naturally Tools also has a class that targets bigger kits.

1:22:48: Ron: EOE Books app for your phone and Modern Essentials App. You can gift someone the app.