Office Hours: Dec 6, 2018 – Thursday Evening


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Dec 6, 2018 

I included the updated power of 3 chart (below) per Karen's request.

00:00: Kymberlee: I got contact info from two women. If you want some oils you can get them from my website, or you can meet with me and if you see anything that you want, I can help you to get them at wholesale prices.

05:15: Kymberlee: I talked to the real estate person how to use a diffuser with homes with an odor. I found out her issues and I showed her how to use the oils to help with her issues.

07:00: Karen: Power of 3 form can I use wholesale customers?

07:18: Ron: Yes, you can put wholesale customers for your Power of 3 bonuses but you cannot add people under them. I usually put wholesale customers on level three and if they want to convert to a Wellness Advocate then I move them up to Level 2. You can move anyone in the first 14 days and then you can move them after 90 days later.

17:02: Ron: One year rule- they want to make it so that you don’t have any dead wood in your organization. If someone has not ordered in one year you can remove them. Then those that are ordering will be moved up.

18:21: Ron showed how you can ask a question person directly on the Wall and get a response.

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