Office Hours: Nov 1, 2018 – Thursday Evening


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday evening call, November 1, 2018

2:06: Tiffany: How do I enroll at a vendor event?

2:28: Ron: We talk a lot about “What’s in it for them?” Figure out what they would like. You want a long term business relationship with them. Don’t treat it like a sale. How you make this happen in a way creates a long term passive income. Use the Aroma Touch gift certificates AFTER you do a WOW on them. This is something simple but very valuable, that you can hand to them. Don’t try to sign them up at an event.

21:50: Sunita: How do you use the Aroma Touch GC?

22:25: Ron: The “schedule before” is the magical date. Make sure that that you put the date to schedule, not necessarily do it, just get it scheduled, within a week. If they don’t schedule within the week, they are probably not interested.

24:30: Sunita: Some of our patients come into the clinic and are stinky. They don’t bathe. I have a combination of frankincense, lavender and peppermint in my purse

28:22: Ron: Purify and Wild Orange oils are good to diffuse in the room to make the room smell good.

32:22: Tiffany: Yarrow/Pom my favorite of the new products. I use this on my face and I don’t need to wear foundation. This oil gives me a natural glow, evens out my skin tone.

33:11: Nicole: I use it for pain. It has the component that blocks inflammation. I add it to frankincense, copabia and marjoram and then I added the yarrow and the yarrow/pom has made an incredible difference. I put this combo in a roller ball and also take it internally.

35:18: Nicole: I have access to full research articles if anyone needs it. They come from Pub Med and I can get them for free.

40:31: Nicole: I am doing a pain management class on essential oils and I will put that into 60 Days to Silver.

40:03: Ron: Make sure that when you are talking about physical issues that you do so in terms of the chemistry. Don’t prescribe essential oils.

44:07: Ron: Here is an app for an IPad, ties into Active Campaign, this is a form that they opt in with their information.

46:40: Mary Jane: I intend to go to a crafting event not as a vendor but to approach the vendors themselves with my WOW.

47:25: Ron: I do that all the time. Go in the afternoon when they are bored and offer them a WOW. Vendors are business people that are there to make money and are typically looking for another steam of income.

54:04: Ron: Most important, do the homework. The homework takes the information from your head to your business.

59:20: Ron: The flip charts for the new kits are in the Tools area.