Office Hours: Oct 18, 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

02:18: (?) What do you say when someone asks, “Do you sell oils?”

02:33: Ron: Ask, “Do you want to buy oils wholesale or retail?” Ask questions of them.

03:07: (?) Which is better to say “enroll or membership”?

03:46: Ron: It is a wholesale membership with reward bonuses, sorta like a Costco membership

04:08: Ron: 1.I share the experience of the oils via a WOW, 2. I answer any questions they may have. 3. I send them to the site where they can but the oils for themselves.

05:40: Kymberlee: What the language you use. Don’t use the word “enroll”. We get you your own wholesale account.

06:49: Ron: You want to empower others to help themselves, even in their business.

07:07: Ron: Then the 4th thing I do is that I tell them is that I am a life coach and I help people to make a better life.

10:25: Ron: Assume that everyone wants to know what you know and what you have, they just don’t know it yet. Your job is to just spread the word.

12:22: Kymberlee: write down everyone you know

13:13: Ron: The Ultimate Memory Jogger for people to think about people to call.

17:07: Ron: There are lawyers, doctors, chiropractors in doTERRA because they are tired of working every day and they want their time back.

17:30: Ron: How much money do you need in the bank do you need to just live off the interested? It is a LOT of money, yet in this business, you can get there in a few years.

18:55: Cindy: How do you contact the people on your list?

19:16: Ron: First establish a relationship. Ask them tons of questions. Listen to their answers. Keep it casual. Focus on them.

22:20: Kymberlee: Have your oils with you all the time. Be prepared.

24:33: Ron: Listen to people. Many times we talk way too much. Prospecting is simply starting a conversation than adding the next steps.

29:13: Ron: You can do a WOW on long distance prospects. Just send them the sample oils with an instruction sheet.

29:50: Kymberlee: I have done WOWs in a restaurant with my waitress. Put the Wild Orange and the Peppermint on yourself in public places to get people’s attention.

35:33: Ron: When traveling on a plane take a bunch of the On Guard drops and pass them out to the people on the plane.

38:11: Ron: Sample case with oils is my secret weapon. I also carry a 16 bottle case on the plane with me in my carry-on bag.

41:08: Karen: What questions can you ask to figure out a person’s social style?

41:19: Ron: Just ask them “How are you?” The way they talk to you will tell you their social style.

44:19: Ron: Those that are focused on the mission are either Oracles or Warriors.

44:43: Kymberlee: We are a combination of all of the four personality types but we are mainly one with a fall back style.

45:45: Ron: The reason why we analyze social styles is so that we can relate to others in their world.

51:19: Kymberlee: Understanding social styles will help you in all of your relationships.