Office Hours: Sep 14, 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, Sep 14 2018

02:10: Ron: Take someone with you to convention. Go to convention with your downline.

06:55: Ron: Those in 60 Days to Silver are predominantly Oracle. The fall back social style for both Oracles and Healer is Warrior. The fall back for Warriors is Healer.

14:05: - Ron: The common denominator between Oracle and Warrior is the MISSION. We shift constantly from one to another social style.

16:12: Liz: Be proud of your own social style.

20:16: Ron: The work for visionary –fun; for warrior – mission; for oracle – accuracy; for healer – peace

23:19: Lori – some people say they don’t like a certain oils in the Aroma Touch. What do I do?

23:44: Ron- If you change the order or the oils, don’t call it an Aroma Touch. There are four sets of oils: stress, inflammation, immune system, and homeostasis. They are to receive and fall asleep. This is an exchange, I give you a free experience and you give me honest feedback. Sometimes you have to shift social styles when you give an Aroma Touch.

32:53: Mary Jane: I would like to write a series of articles on EOs for my newspaper. FB did nothing for me. So I am thinking of writing a column on essential oils to help with my advertising to get people to my classes.

39:34: Lori: People want to see the value of the Diamond Kit.

40:33: Lori: There are cycles in this business and the last few months of the year are very good since people are in the mode of holiday buying.

42:33: Mary Jane: Last night at my class, I didn’t have the oils I needed, so I improvised.

46:26: Liz: I did an event and I sat in the corner and told them that if they are ready to come over and enroll. Leverage the time you have with the people in your business.

48:32: Ron: There were some healers in our groups that when they were finished with the oils, they would say, “Does anyone have any questions?” There was no closing. The audience did not know that they could join doTERRA that night. It is a challenge for healers to ask for the sale.

50:17: Ron: If you want to make money you have to be willing to ask for the sale.

52:26: Katinka: The secret to the business is that this is no secret. You just have to do it.