Office Hours: Sep 7, 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, Sep 7 2018

0:47:Mary Jane: Would you please make up a flyer contain all of the benefits someone gets when then enroll?

2:03: Ron: Maybe I can make a check list of all of the things that you get when someone enrolls.

3:23: Julie: I use the book The Essential Life as an incentive for people to sign up. Buy them by the case, it is cheaper.

7:07: Ron: I give books only when they enroll with a Natural Solutions Kit or higher. Sometimes, I tell them that I will give then the book for an extra $10.00 so that I am not giving away my commission. Be smart about your giveaways.

12:21: Ron: Attach a sample bottle to your business cards.

13:15: Ron: go to convention with markers, they write on glossy business cards.

18:32: Mary Jane: What doTERRA app did Julie mention?

18:48: Julie: It is the 2018 doTERRA events app.

22:19: Ron: Get the app before convention.

25:48: Julie to Mary Jane: Do you have a FB page dedicated to oils?

26:15: Ron: Facebook is a moving target.

27:02: Julie: Facebook is all about timing. It is all about positioning yourself.

30:30: Mary Jane: I would love some training to learn how to use Facebook effectively.

36:47: Ron: I want to show you Snap Up – this helps you create social media graphics. Or you can Google for free FB graphic designers.

40:30: Ron: A quote from the book The One Thing: “What is the one thing, such that doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary?”  - Gary Keller. This will give your work clarity. Entrepreneurs think this way, employees don’t.