Friday, Aug 3, 2018


Call Timeline

1:40: Mary Jane (via e-mail): What Auto Responder/e-mail service provider  can I use to send out a newsletter to my customer, downline and potential customers?

2:47: Ron: Whatever you use, just make sure others and duplicate your efforts. Active Campaign is good. Call hot prospects on the phone.

16:00: Ron reviews Prospect Tracking form:

(This form is available under the Tools area.)

21:11: Rhonda (via e-mail): How do I upload a file to the Wall in 60DTS?

21:50: Ron: Take a screenshot and upload it as a picture.

24:05: Mary Jane: Prospect wants to make their own enrollment kit!

25:27: Ron: An al carte kit would be nice but there has been a lot of thinking and consideration put into the enrollment kits that we do have.

27:37: Mary Jane: My prospect has to sneak behind her husband’s back in order to enroll/buy products.

27:45: Ron: The buyer must understand the value of the products. She must understand why she needs this and convey that to her husband.

30:00: Mary Jane: I have a prospect that I want to start on the LLV.

30:15: Ron: These vitamins really work unlike most of the vitamins that I have tried.

30:51: Rhonda: Don’t push to get people on your team. The wrong person can pull your entire team down. Think what kind of team you want to build. Sometimes people come into our lives that we cannot rescue.

34:15: Liz: Let go of the difficult prospect but let them know that you are always there to assist her in whatever she would like.

38:45: Ron: (Shows demo of proposed 60 DTS app.) I am thinking of offering the potential app as a onetime upgrade to 60 DTS. This would especially benefit those who are always on their phone. I am looking at a possible Black Friday launch.