Office Hours: July 13 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, July 13, 2018

July 13, 2018

1:39: Ron: The difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs plan ahead how to use their time more efficiently. As you get better at time management you earn more money and get more time.

2:45: Katinka: I book people when I don’t have time.

3:20: Ron: The key is making it about them, if you make it about yourself you can get frustrated. Avoiding the Gap lesson helps you to feel good and not feel frustrated. It is about being happy in life. Be conscious of scheduling your time and honor your schedules. Put a calendar appointment and set an alarm. Tell people that you have an appointment. This appointment may even be with you. They will understand. People think that you are putting other people out but you are not. Tell your customer how much time YOU have for them. If you don’t block your time out, it will flow away.

6:41: Ron: Week 2 is about Aroma Touch prospecting and selling bigger kits. You can make your own kit.

7:07: Katinka: I am planning on making my own kit and giving back some of the commission.

7:49: Ron: Giving back a portion of your commission is fine if it will help the deal. In the past I have loaned money to get the kit… don’t do that generally. If you loan someone money be open to the fact that it may never come back.

8:15: Katinka: I am eager to learn about higher end selling. That will be out of my comfort zone.

8:22: Ron: It all comes down to what value you create for the customer. If they see the value, they will buy it. Read “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. Listen to it twice. It is all about limiting beliefs. Many people project their income level on other people; therefore you are limiting your prospects buying. A larger kit may be best for other people.  Everyone has limiting beliefs.

10:50: Katinka: Last week, I enrolled my sister, then this week she enrolled our parents!

11:20: Ron: This is indicative of online marketing. It is easier to build a business locally. You can get together with them. Belly-to-belly methods builds quicker than online. You are next to them and can talk to them.

14:00: Mary Jane: I want to do a Wellness Consult with some people that I signed up with them. I want to help a woman with arthritis in her foot.

15:00: Ron: Did you talk to her about the Deep Blue caps? It is a whole body anti-inflammatory product.

15:39: Ron: What are you doing about getting prospects?

15:45: Mary Jane: I have a library meeting next Monday. I must do more promotion. I am considering do a farmer’s market. I want to scope it out.

16:46: Ron: talk to Susan McCarthy, she does several vendor events. She gets prospects from there. Have a simple display and do the WOW.

17:03: Mary Jane: When I did a vendor event, I was doing WOWs on everyone. I was exhausted and I got a few prospects for an Aroma Touch but no signups. But then I was doing college students.

17:27: Ron: College students are a tough demographic. Until they get older, they don’t understand that life can be hard. Thirty and beyond is great ages for this. Have activities that draw those demographics like young mothers with kids, oils are great with kids – better demographic.

18:43: Mary Jane: I sent my friend in the Philippines a sample of Orange and Peppermint and she got it and liked it. It took away her headache.

19:12: Ron: When you send samples to people tell them to open them and smell them but don’t do anything else with them until I talk to you about them. I will show you how to use them via zoom.

20:30: Liz: The Philippines are going to open or they may be open already. The products will be shipping from either Australia or Japan.

21:20: Ron: you can set your friend up with a GAC account but you are responsible for shipping.

22:18: Mary Jane: I am trying to set up some webinars online.

23:58: Ron: I have been playing with a new browser called Brave. It is clean and fast.

27:11: Mary Jane: I would like to see more online training on 60 DTS.

27:43: Ron: I can show you how to do automation. Wendy does kinda like an oil camp online and I helped her set up automation for that. Also doTERRA has a lot of good tools for online marketing. You can link to products and that will contain your affiliate link. We will do some classes on automation.

30:46: Mary Jane: I would like to text people.

31:06: Ron: You can automate text messages and you can automate FB messages as well. I use Twilio for all of my text stuff, it is super cheap. Zapier is also another option. You can send them a text. If you want to go online, you will need automation. You need to learn how to write effective copy. You need to create an avatar for your target audience. There is a workshop on the tools area to help you to create an avatar. You need to be very specific. Get a clear vision of your ideal audience and their pain points. You can do this through organic content.  The more targeted you get the easier and cheaper is. There is a lot too marketing online, that is why I don’t teach on this. If you take all of the time you spend online and put that time into belly-to-belly you can get better results. Once you are clear on you avatar, then you can go online

Most people fail with online marketing.  Maybe I can reach on how to write good copy. If you follow those rules, then you can be successful.

39:55: Katinka: The conversion online is way different than offline. If you talk to 10 people off line a few will be interested, however 10 people are nothing online, there you have to think in the 100s and 1,0000s. It is a lot of work to get people into your funnel. People are looking for the best deal. I try to brand myself, NOT the company. I found my attraction point. I have a tribe of goddesses, goddesses take care of themselves and the oils are a tool. That is my attraction point and then I teach them that need the oils. I want to learn the belly-to-belly from you.

41:40: Ron: You have done a lot of work on the online, how many hours have you put in online?

41:50: Katrinka: I built for 5 months before I went go online, then it starts by collecting the people. You need all kinds of software and all costs money before you start to make any money.

43:09: Ron: People think that online is easier, it is not. I am all for time efficiency. If an event takes 15 hours and you take those same 15 hours and do WOWs you would get 5 or 10 people interested in what you have to offer. Do a WOW on small business owners who have no customers.  Then I tell invite them for an AT. How many stores could you hit in 15 hours? A store will buy a bigger kit to start with.

I prospected a guy in the furniture store.  I showed him 60 DTS, you can do the same thing. You never know where you are going to meet people. This was way more effective than going to an event. Don’t be afraid to prospect guys, guys do really well in this business. A guy in a woman’s business is a magnet. A confident person is sexy. A confident woman is an attracting force. The worst thing they will say is, “I don’t want the cookie”. Timing is everything. Listen to some upbeat music before you go out prospect. Don’t worry about what other people think about you; focus on how to help them. Learn how to compliment people.