Office Hours: Jan 26, 2018


Office Hour call notes - Friday, Jan 26, 2018 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern

January 26, 2018 Week 8

00:28: Jenn: How do I convince people to buy a Diamond Kit or find people who want to buy a Diamond kit?

00:48: Ron: A Diamond kit is for someone who wants to build a business seriously. Focus on the kits that will best serve them. If they get on the topic of money then you may have lost them. Talk them through of all of the advantages of the Diamond kit. One of the biggest objections is money. If money was not the issue, would this kit work for you? You want to get them back to the discussion as how to get them the kit. You have to make it work for them. If we can make it work financially then you would be interested? If Yes, then they have convince you and themselves that they want the kit. The kit is $2600.00 but it will give you all of the tools you need. Say something like, “If I can show you have to get the money would you still want this kit?” You come up with ideas to help them to get the kit.

20:02: Lori: Have you ever promoted the Cleanse and Restore kit to bring people into the business?

20:22: Ron: I have never promoted that kit but I did use the Trim Shake to lose weight.

25:22: Trebeca: I have been stuffing envelopes with ATT GCs.

26:20: Ron: I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions. Now I just make plans. I decide what I am going to accomplish and so I plan on how to make it happen. It works. You need to set the milestones and then do the activities to match.

26:47: Trebeca: My goal is to do 30 ATs before my 41 birthday.

29:22: Ron: The pressure gets easier and easier because as you build your team up and they come in with their own reasons and you create momentum. When Lori went Silver she created three Elites.

29:52: Lori: There are some different philosophies. I heard in doTERRA, build slow and steady and keep the enrollments but this is not what Ron is teaching. Keeping the momentum works very much in our favor.

30:19: Ron: You make the same about of money but you will not get the Elite bonuses if you go slowly because some people will pass you. Lori got five Silver bonuses. Plus she got all of the fast start bonuses. It all adds up If you go slow you will get some of the bonuses but not all of them.

32:40: Ron: A lot of people say don’t build fast because you cannot sustain it. I disagree with it. You create momentum with people who want to build fast. The reason why it does not work you many people is they are telling them to sell bottles of oil in little classes. You can sell Eighteen Physician kits or 1 Diamond kit. Which takes less energy?

33:28: Ron: They confuse Power of Three and Rank. They are totally independent variables. They are not critical for rank. Enrollment matters for rank. Keep enrolling people through Silver and Gold. Then the energy will shift to teaching people.

35:50: Ron: When you are building quickly, you don’t have to worry about leadership etc.

37:15: Ron: I went Silver in 35 days. You need to get good at prospecting, Aroma Touch and Diamond kits. You don’t need much more than that.

37:37: Lori: I found the “Why” to be really important. Once you make that connection with people they will trust you.

37:47: Ron: They want someone to believe in them. They share some intimate stuff with us and when we show them confidence the trust starts building. We are giving them giving them confidence that this thing can actually work. This is very important phase and building phase. You are the person to go to build a business but not oil expert. I have tried really hard not to teach and be the expert on the oils that is why we have books.

39:44: Ron: Keep using the book. When the book comes out everyone wants the book. Apps are cooler but people want books. Modern Essential is the bible of essential oils.

41:12: Trebecca: Modern Essential uses the generic names for the essential oils blends. I wrote down all of the names in the back of my Modern Essentials book. There is a place for them and that has really helped me.

42:44: Ron: Anytime your focus is on the oils themselves, you are focusing on a retail business.

43:49: Ron: the more confident you are at doing things the easier it is for you to go out and the more comfortable it gets. The more comfortable you are the more you do it.

46:10: Jenny: What do you think about someone like Jackie (?) she has such a nice website and someone can go to a website and just order even if you don’t know her. Do you recommend getting a website?

46:50: Ron: If you want to go Silver fast No. Anything that takes your valuable time away from prospecting and following up is a waste of time if you want to go Silver fast. Once you get to Silver then sure you can start adding things. I didn’t have a website or business cards until I was Gold.