Jan 19, 2018


Office Hour call notes - Friday, Jan 19, 2018 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern

0:22: Olya: I would like to record a few videos for my downline. How do I do that?
0:34: Ron: All of the recordings that I do on Zoom work. There is a free version and a pro version. The free version is limited to 40 minutes. The key is just do it. Perfection will come over time.

5:13:Olya: I am trying to wrap my mind around the Live, Share, Build guides.
5:37: Ron:  Pieces of the guides were developed by some of my upline. Some of the stuff works and some do not. But some of the forms are good. What I like about them is that you can order them from doTERRA and the shipping turns into oils.

6:47: Olya: Somebody says it takes forever to get to Elite if you are not selling Pro kits.
7:24: Ron: I went from Manager to Silver.  The faster you get to Silver, the better, you now have access to nontraditional resources and you have money. You can use that money to reinvest in your business.
The sooner you go Silver the more money you make; you get several bonus from different sources. You could get 5 silver bonuses. When you go Silver quickly you may end up with about $5000.00 in bonuses the first time if you go fast. If you go slowly, you will still make the money but it is spread over a longer time. I would rather see people making money fast and they can share that with their downline.

12:58: Olya: One of my builders is going through a nasty divorce how will I keep her on track with her business?
13:15: Ron: Keep the focus on what’s in it for her. Be a light in her life and help her build her business and help her to be a part of a community instead of feeling that life sucks. Help her to create an alternative universe of positive and cash flow after the divorce. It is good to know that she can work at home an do things on her own time.

15:09: Jen: How can I get people to come so that I can give them an ATT?
16:36: Ron:  I let people smell the oils. Then I started getting better with the WOW thing. I get people through the four oils and then I tell them that they have received half of the oils of what we call the Aroma Touch.  I know that this is going help them. I know that this is going to be good for them. They will be interested and they like the WOW. I say I am working on my certification and I do three of these a week to practice. If you are open, I need three people every week to practice on. I have one booked already, the second person I am waiting to get back with me and I have one slot open. If you would be willing to let me practice on you that would be a huge favor to me. You know that massage therapists do that all the time. There is nothing weird about it.

20.05: Jen: I love doing the AT and my friends love it too.
20:31: Ron: One of the questions that you can ask is “Did you feel weird when I talked to you and if it do what suggestion do you have to improve?” Just listen to what they have to say. “It would be a huge favor to me if I could do the AT on you because the more I practice the better I get. I use this to develop my business.” Remember to go through the AT questions after the AT. Some of them will go, “This is really interesting. Do you make money with this?” Say, “I don’t charge for the AT. This is part of my business.” I am taking a course and this is part of my homework assignment.

22:17: Jenn: You don’t think that me talking about the business I would turn them off?
22:22: Ron: You don’t do it right afterwards. You say that only after they have expressed interest in making money. Listen to Lesson 2 again. The sampling and the show and smell session are the key pieces to this whole thing. Saying that “I like you”. I tell you that I will give you too more samples and bring out your big kit with all of your oils and let them sample some more of your oils. Pull out your Modern Essentials or your app. Let them smell all of your products, the toothpaste, the oils, etc. It is more than just oils.

25:43: Jenn: Jen and I are setting up at a barre studio and we are planning to do the WOW to every person coming out of the classes. I am planning on offering the ATT.
26:07: Ron: You got the certificates from the 60 DTS? Make sure that the AT certificates is good for only one week in the future.  Only give it to someone who expresses an interest. Win ONE of 10 free ATs! One of 10 makes it better odds. Don’t worry about scarcity. Make it seven days in the future.

28:40: Jenny: I will be going away for a month. What is the best way to keep the team engaged while I am away?
28:58: Ron: Do weekly Zoom meetings for 20 minutes. Schedule online weekly meetings. Go through the mentor forms and planning your week calls for serious builders. Do them early in the week. Spend some time thinking though what their “why” is. Have “why” discusses with each of them.

32:30: Jenny: Jenn and I were practicing our 15 second elevator speech and you said cut out the words that are unnecessary. Saying it was so awkward.

33:50: Ron: You want it to flow. If you have too many words it does not flow. You want to make it like you are talking, not reading from a script. Just practice.  When you hear your own words, you start to actually believe it Your subconscious believes it and plants it in there. This is self talk.  Over time you get better and better and the elevator pitch will get shorter but the essence will still be there. It really works. Just practice it over and over.

44:13: Olya: Why are we not supposed to talk to the people when we do an ATT on them?

44:42: Ron: If you are talking, you are not allowing them to fall asleep. You want them groggy so that they can feel the oils doing their work. Their only job is to relax and feel the oils. Let go of all the stuff going on.  So all that‘s the whole point. Relax and receive and feel the oils and don’t figure out anything. Don’t worry about catching up. We will talk later. Then after the ATT, you open up the session abut oil sharing. Which of the 8 oils do you want?

46:39: Ron:  You say, “Here is how this is going to work. All I want you to do is to receive the oils. If you talk you will disturb my flow. You need to relax. If you fall asleep that is the greatest compliment to me. I can answer all of you questions and we can talk later. Is that okay with you?” Some will start talking anyway. And you say, “You remember the rules?” Have fun with it. As long as they understand say something like, “It will help me stay in the flow. I need to concentrate or I may forget to put an oil on you or forget to do your ears or something. I want you to have the best experience that you can. I am learning how to do this. Are you OK with that? Does that seem fair to you?” Get those yes questions. Then afterward it is all about sharing the oils. Even from the big kit.

48:48:Ron: Describe what the 8 Aroma Touch oils do and show them the big kit. Have your oils arranged alphabetically.