Office Hours: Jan 12, 2018

Call Notes

Office Hour call notes: Friday, Jan 12, 2018 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern

01:10: Olya: What about men who are business owners like chiropractors?
13:16: Ron: Prospecting men - its about the money.
18:18: Olya: To get to Silver you get to enroll Builders.
19:50: Ron: Getting to Silver is all about you getting good at prospecting and signing people up.
20:50: Ron: Selling PRo kits is a service to them - anything else is a disservice
21:26: Olya: Is every prospect a builder?
21:41:Ron: You need to find  their “why”.
21:49 Olya: The ATT customer I had yesterday, she is in medical school and in very interested but she did not have much money.
29:55: Ron: People don’t join doTerra, people join YOU.
31:03: Lori: I want to be the kind of mentor to my people that I had.
31:08: Ron: Becoming Silver makes you a leader. You now get to guide your people and go for Gold.
37:12: Trebeca:  my mother-in-law who is interested in the business but she only had a 29 LRP this month. What do I do?
38:57: Ron: Knowing the “why” works for both prospects and downline. If you don’t know their “why” it is okay to call and ask them why they joined doTERRA.
42:45:Bill: I am telling you that this is a limited time opportunity. If you have four people to do the same thing I will sign you up and you get a Home Essential Kit and it will only cost you $10.00.
43:10: Ron: You need to know to get their “why”. What do they need in life? How you can help them achieve what they need or want.
47:18: Ron: Once you now someone’s “why” they you know you can help them achieve it.
48:25: Ron: The laminated sell sheets can show people what is in a Diamond kit and I can show you some of the advantages of a Diamond Kit you need to start with this not a baby kit.
50:00: Ron: This is a relationship business. You have to have confidence and show them so that they will follow your advice.
51:41: Ron: 1 on 1s are the most practical. Then you can figure out what they want and then you can help them to get it.
55:00: Ron: Watch this week’s lesson on how to get the “Why” out of someone.
55:25: Lori: One of my prospects, kept coming back to me and asking about the oils and then finally I asked her what is it that you are most interested about doTerra?
55:41:Bill: The biggest objections is that they don't have the money.
58:36: Ron: Watch Finding Somebody’s Else’s Why and that will guide you step by step to help them create their story. Once someone’s starts dreaming it is easier to get them into the business.
1:00:00: Ron:  It is always about them and accomplishing what is important to them. When I sell a Diamond kit it usually takes about a week to accomplish it.  I tell people that I would rather see them buy one bottle of oil retail instead of signing up with a Home Essentials kit, they will be missing out on the one great opportunity to get a phenomenal special.
1:03:25: Sunita:  Go deep into yourself. Keep the pipeline so full so you don’t have to worry about if this person is listening to you at all.
1:06:32: Ron: Keeping the hopper full. Ask a questions and listen, listen, listen.
1:09:18: Sunita: What is it going to take for us to get you to the same level of confidence of doTERRA?
1:10:49: Ron: So go through the lessons and get confident.
1:15:57: Ron:  You are giving a gift with ATT. Naked back, ears and feet… no girl parts.  Your heart will want to help and heal people with an ATT and become inspired about something that will change their life.
1:18:26: Ron: Limiting beliefs is what holds people back from being where they want to be. It is what you believe that will either push you ahead or hold you back.
1:21: if you open yourself up to helping people with ATT It will connect with people and help them to heal. You can then show your downline how to do this stuff too.
Today's call mentioned "The R-Factor Question."   Listen to the recorded mp3 file below.