Office Hours: Dec 22, 2017

Call Notes

Office Hour call notes Week 3: Friday, Dec 22 2017 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern (45 min)

00:00:09 Olya: How do I talk to businesses like chiropractors, gyms, health clubs, etc.?
00:04:18 Ron: Info about business signups... the Business Addendum form
00:05:07 Olya: Which businesses are easiest to approach? how do I know how many samples to give? who do I talk to?
00:07:00 Ron: Chiropractor's oils
00:07:46 Ron: Resale Certificates can allow a business to get oils tax-free from doTERRA
00:08:15 Olya: Nobody is jumping straight to diamond kits. At what point do I show her the kits? + Talking about the business
00:16:11 Jenny F: Do you have any scripts? I'm having trouble with people enrolling themselves. (hint: you enroll them)
00:19:44 Ron: 14 Day move thoughts - don't lose one of your two free moves
00:20:20 Ron : Roles (and bonuses) Enrolling Sponsor (Enroller) vs. Placement Sponsor (Sponsor)
00:23:12 Olya: My upline has never placed anyone under me... Ron: mine neither :)
00:29:30 Jenny: Must you be enroller of anyone you use for rank qualifications?
00:34:00 Lori: Customer Service and how to get some free points when they mess up.
00:40:35 Ron: If you want to build a business, ANY BUSINESS, you must put time and resources in
00:44:12 Ron: The secret to not being frustrated when a prospect isn't signing up
00:45:40 Ron: Why building to Silver quickly is SOOOO much better (and profitable) than building slowly
00:49:53 Ron: How to fix "I need to..."


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