Office Hours: Dec 8, 2017


00:00:40 Bill: How do I convert people into customers?
00:18:33 Jen: My prospect is not responding to my texts.  What do I do?
00:21:00 Bill: How do I handle the prospect's "too much money" objection?
00:26:42 Jen: How do I change to name doTERRA uses for my account? (Mine vs. husband's name)
00:29:30 Mike: How do I handle non-response to repeated follow-up calls to prospect?
00:34:00 Bill: How do I respond/handle to a distance prospect's questions?
00:42:05 Jen(s): How do I handle an upline (at co-sponsored events) who is not moving as fast as us?
00:54:35 Jen: What happens to downline if someone above them disappears in the biz?
(One additional note must also factor in any retail orders on their account: ANY orders, theirs or retail customer will reset the 1 year disappearing timer.)
00:57:28 Jenny: How do I transfer in someone (not already a wellness advocate) into a non-builder position?
01:01:40 Jen: Buying banners for my biz -- Is it time to invest an how to split costs
01:03:10 Lori: Aromatouch Technique - her positive experience and some tips
01:14:18 Bill: Leveraging Zoom for distance prospecting and biz building
01:18:33 Ron: Website changes coming to lesson area -- will split long videos into separate "lessons"
01:21:20 Ron: 60 Days to Silver members access to my zoom account during the course
01:23:30 Ron: Posting your homework
01:28:25 Ron: Please select ALL posted lesson times you can attend, even if it's a stretch, so we can get all on calls