Office Hours: June 22 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, June 22, 2018

June 22, 2018

Wendy: 0:23: Ron mentioned that part of the HW was to pick some topics to discuss on 60DTS. From where are we to pick the topics?

Ron: 0:59: Yes, I had some ideas that I was throwing out there. I want to create an evergreen course. So if there is some topic that you would like to discuss, please let me know. I want to make this course in a way so that anyone can join

What I wanted to do in this course is give you the basic business building tools that will move you to Silver.  Those are how to do a WOW, how to do an AT, how to track your progress, understanding the social styles, how to get their why, so you can help them get where they want to go. Thins you need in order to start a conversations, how to sell bigger kits, those are the basics of going Silver.

Silver is simple, you need, 3, 000 points in each let so that means sell 3 Diamond kits or All Oil kits. Those who don’t do that because their “why” is not strong enough.

Your regular job is so much harder than this. If you would work 40 hours a week in doTERRA you would have a multimillion dollar income.

Wendy :12:00: Let’s apply some of this principles to our everyday life. Today I am going to a chiropractor’s office in FL. He is really busy. He is very hot on CBD oil. I sent him some info about our copaiba. My goal is for him to order. He needs written information in front of him.

Ron: 14:44: If you want him to be a distributor you can do it one of two ways: build a network or sell products. Do you understand him?

You can invite him for an AT at his facility and offer to teach one of his assistants to do an AT. AT is a direct visceral experience. Schedule it when you are here today. Help him to understand that this in no all about CBD oils. This is a about an experience that they will want to share with their friends.

One of the bigger challenges that I discovered is when you get sick you don’t make money. I can show you how to make passive income. Would you like to learn how this works? This is building you team. They have a read to learn more. Knowing how to do AT could help his business.

People go into the business that has helped them in the past. Could they see themselves doing this for the next 50 years? If no, then start to build passive income. The only other way is to invest money. You will need $2,000,000 in order to get passive income by investing. People want the passive income. And stop selling little bottle of oils. Focus on their “why”, what do they want to do in life?

Get comfortable talking to them about the uncomfortable stuff.

Most people treat doTERRA like a hobby and get hobby money. Treat it like a business and you will make lots of passive income. I love to help people. This is a real business and it takes more work in the beginning to make it happen. Then you will get our time back.

If your why is large enough, you can do this. Your “Why” will change over time. After I went Silver in 35 days, my “why” changed, I wanted to take Liz on the cruise. If you want something like that, you have to have a reason.

Every time you put yourself out there you are sharpening the blade. Think about the big picture, not just ordering him a bottle of copaiba.

Susan: 36:12: I have a lot of healers do that for a living. They give a lot away. I tell them to earn $$ by saving the world. I have a new meeting with a prospect. They tend to choose the career that meets the needs for them. She asked me for advice. I mentored her in her business using doTERRA materials.  I am not pushing, just letting it happen. We went through her why. We focused on her “why”.  Passive income is a key point. Anyone who loses physical ability loses money. Accidents, sickness happen.

Sunita: 43:10: I just want to talk about CBD. CBD does not work how our essential oils do. You need essential oils in your life. You cannot replace CBD oil with our essential oils. CBD is not an essential oil.

June 22, 2018 Office Hours call