June 8 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, June 8, 2018

June 8, 2018 Office Hours call

Ron is still in Alaska – Rachel Flower handles the call (and does a very good job!)

00:23: Rachel: Do have the updated PDF of all of the kits?

00:44: Rachel: You can get the pages that describe the enrollment kits laminated. Get a few of these made up. Ron will make some up for the people in the class.

6:17: Theresa: I had some people who said they were interested in the business and they bought a kit but now they will not return my phone calls, how do I deal with that?

8:45: Rachel: When you spoke to them were they enthusiastic?

09:30: Rachel: When you are reaching out to people what’s in it for them. Focus on their personal needs, in this case a new baby.

11:03: Rachel: You are doing the right stuff and there is a difference between people who say they want to do the business and those who actually do it. It sounds like they are very distracted at the moment.

13:00: Theresa says that she is going to give them an offer to help them if they need anything. She wants to leave them an open door and not be pushy.

14:34: Rachel: I have had people on my team who have gone asleep for periods. I have gone asleep myself for periods. And then I wake up and become more active. There is a timing aspect. Keep inviting others, keep having classes. Keep in touch. Bring it back to them. Keep it low key. No one likes to be pushed into anything.

19:43: Rachel: Kyra brought up about the personality types and I think that is a good thing. Ron’s lesson on the four personality types and may be a good lesson to review so that you can communicate better with those who don’t call you back. You may have to approach them differently depending on their personality type. Behavioral economics is about people with emotions and feelings that go into their decision making. Ron talks about getting to their “Why”. Their “Why” may not be logical. And some will respond more to a bundle of flowers than to $100.00. There is a lot of humanness that goes into decision making.



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