Office Hours: June 1 2018


Office Hours Call Notes - Friday, June 1, 2018

0:52 – E-mail Question from Traci: If I sign up someone and she wants to do AromaTouches, and I show her how, can she then charge to do ATs in her office?

Ron: If you are licensed to touch in your state (i.e. massage therapist, etc.) you can charge for it. If you are NOT licensed to touch in your state, you cannot charge. If you modify the AT in any way, add extra steps or techniques, or add or change the oils, etc, please don’t call it an Aroma Touch. Aroma Touch is a trademarked name by doTERRA. Call it a massage with essential oils or something else but it is not an AT anymore and don’t refer to it as an AromaTouch.

21:50: Kate: The lady that is here in Utah, who is really going gangbusters, she sent out a message saying that she is looking for yoga instructors. So I contacted her and she said that she could not use me because you are under someone else. I don’t know what to do. I would like to work with these people because they are right here in Utah and they are doing classes. I just missed out on a really neat retreat thing they are going to take these people to.

22:32: Ron: She is obviously prospecting. She is prospecting for yoga instructors. If she is spending her money doing thing, like putting together a retreat, you can offer to help reimburse her for the cost of you being included. Offer to pay your share just so you can be around you great people. Offer to pay for yourself and explain that you may not be a part of her team but you would like to be a part of the doTERRA experience. We are all in this together. If this is not good with her, ask her why.

The whole concept of selling is that each receives something of value a positive exchange. You have to give her reason, a value, for her to want you to be a part of her thing.

26:00: Kate: Well I guess I will have to find my own people and create my own events.

26:09: Ron: No matter if you go to her event or not, you will still have to find your own people. You still have to go out there and go the work. Once you push past the uncomfortable part of this process, you do well.

Make prospecting part of your lifestyle. It is not pushy. If they are interested, then do an Aroma Touch.

27:16: Ron: They will always say, “Do you have a card?” What is your answer when they ask you if you have a card?

27:18: Kate: I make little flyers about the AT massage so I give them that.

27:33: Ron: Two things: 1. We don’t call it a massage, it is an AromaTouch technique. 2. We NEVER give out our cards until we have their information. If we give them our card we will never hear from them again.  Say,” Oh, I don’t’ have a card, what’s your name and number? I will give you a call.” Get their information before you give yours. If you give them a card, you have lost control. I think it is more for our ego that we have a card. We want their information and permission to call them.

33:03: Rhonda: Explained how she has a duel card, she gets their info before she hand them her info.