ATP 2 – The “Wilder WOW” Oil Introduction Process


The Wilder WOW

Although this video isn’t specifically mentioned in the introduction video, I taught this as part of the first week in 60 Days to Silver and is a foundational step to AromaTouch Prospecting. Sorry if it seems disjointed, but getting good at the Wilder “WOW” will drastically enhance your lead when doing AromaTouch Prospecting. (Grab your doTERRA Wild Orange, Peppermint, Balance, and Lavendar Essential Oils before you start this video. If you don’t have them, then I recommend buying them at your first opportunity.)

The Wilder “WOW” is a highly optimized 2 to 3-minute approach for creating curiosity for doTERRA prospects so they ask to find out more.

After you perform the WOW on a prospect they are much more likely to start asking questions.

So, practice with your family and friends until it becomes natural.  (And Post your results on the 60 Days to Silver Community Wall so others can see how it works for you.)

Note: This lesson is from Week 1 Lesson 4 of the 60 Days to Silver Course.